4 Tips for How to Find a Roommate in a New City

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With a bit of effort—and honesty—you can find a roommate fast in a new city by asking your network, posting online, or using a roommate finder app. 
Getting a roommate is a super smart way to save money. The best roommate is someone who is respectful, communicative, and has stable income to cover their portion of rent. However, it can be a challenge to find the right person, especially if you’re moving to a new city and don’t know anyone yet!
To help you navigate this process safely and find a compatible person, Jerry has created the following guide. This article explains how to prepare for the search, three tips for how to find a roommate in a new city, and one essential thing to take care of before you sign the lease (hint: you can use our super app to get renters insurance fast!).
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To find a great roommate, you need to be a great roommate. Start by thinking carefully about your behaviors and preferences at home. It’s only fair to let someone know what to expect before moving in with you, after all.
Step one is to create a list of deal breakers and desired traits. What is your opinion on having overnight guests or pets? Are you looking for a roomie of a specific gender? What about cleaning routines, party habits, social preferences, and communication style? 
Step two is to craft a personal statement introducing yourself to potential roommates. What brought you to the city? What can someone expect when living with you? If you already have a place rented, describing it thoroughly is the best tip for how to find a roommate for an apartment.
Share a bit about your interests and your schedule. If you’re not a super tidy person, be upfront about that.

1. Ask your network

Now that you know what type of roommate you want, start by reaching out to your network. 
Friends, family, church groups, alum networks, and colleagues can help you widen your search. If you are relocating to take a new job, why not ask your employer to introduce you to a few people ahead of time?
Share your personal statement and your “roommate wanted” description with your network over email. If you are including your phone number, make sure your voicemail message clearly states your name.

2. Post online

While you could find a roommate on Craigslist, there are much better places online to find a compatible housemate. Try a Facebook group for housing in your new city or a Facebook affinity group (like LGBTQ housing or BIPOC housing).
Your new city’s subreddit is another good place to connect with people in your situation. Plus, Reddit has a ton of helpful articles and resources to help you establish a healthy roommate relationship. 
As always, be careful when sharing personal information with strangers online. 

3. Try an app

If it can work for finding romance, it can work for finding a roommate! 
Some of the most popular roommate finder apps include Bumble BFF, Roommates.com, Roomster, Cirtru, Roomi, Diggz, PadMapper, and SpareRoom. You’ll have to create an account, make a profile, and then search for compatible people. 
Roomi, for example, uses a fancy algorithm to pair you with potential matches. It’s basically the Sorting Hat but for lifestyle compatibility. With Roomi, you can also link your social media profiles and opt to do a background check for even more security.
Most roommate finder apps are free, but they may limit the number of messages you can send—so swipe carefully!

4. Sublet instead

If you’re overwhelmed by it all, consider a sublet!
A temporary sublease can help you get to know the area and have a built-in roommate before you move out on your own. Usually (but not always), you will have to leave at the end of the sublease. Either way, a sublease gets you a little more time to explore your new city and build your own network before you need to find your own roommate.
Make sure you clarify that what you’re agreeing to is, in fact, a legal sublease—and get the agreement in writing. Not all landlords allow subletting. 

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