How Many Seats Does a Dodge Caravan Have?

The 2020 Dodge Caravan comes equipped with seven seats—perfect for large families or fleet vehicles.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2020 Dodge Caravan has seven seats: two captain’s chairs in the second row and a bench seat in the third row. If you need eight seats, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
If you’re looking for a minivan on a budget and don’t care about gimmicky tech or driver-assist features, the 2020 Dodge Caravan is a strong contender. What it lacks in modern amenities it makes up for in its van-ness—a perfect amount of space for hauling cargo, kids, or gear without any flair or flash.
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How many seats does the 2020 Dodge Caravan have?

The Dodge Caravan comes with seven seats. There are two seats in the front, two captain’s chairs in the second row, and a bench seat for three in the third row. 
The seating capacity doesn’t change based on your trim, meaning you’ll get seven seats no matter how much you shell out for a 2020 Dodge Caravan.

Do all Caravans have three rows of seats?

While the number of seats in a Dodge Caravan varies by model year, all Dodge Caravans come with three rows of seats
The third-row seats in a Dodge Caravan are best suited for shorter folks, though—with only 32.7 inches of legroom, it’s a tight squeeze for many adults and tall children.
Not sold on the Dodge Caravan meeting your family’s seating needs? We’ve got a detailed breakdown of the interior specifications, standard features, and other highlights below. 

2020 Dodge Caravan interior

The Dodge Caravan’s interior is best described as adequate but underwhelming. Look to competitors for more stylish details, higher-end interior accents, and modern technology. The Dodge Caravan falls behind considerably in all three categories. 
The selling point of the Dodge Caravan’s interior is the Stow ‘n Go seating, which can fold into the floor to maximize cargo storage without having to remove or reinstall heavy seats. You’ll also find ample storage cubbies for small items in the cabin, making the Caravan a real contender when it comes to storage. 


So how does this space break down in the Dodge Caravan? We’ve got the details on just how tight that third row of seating is, plus more details below.
Seating dimensions
Total passenger volume
156.1 cubic feet
Front headroom
39.8 inches
Front legroom
40.7 inches
Front shoulder room
63.7 inches
Front hip room
58.4 inches
Second-row headroom
39.3 inches
Second-row legroom
36.5 inches
Second-row shoulder room
64.1 inches
Second-row hip room
65 inches
Third-row headroom
37.9 inches
Third-row legroom
32.7 inches
Third-row shoulder room
62 inches
Third-row hip room
48.7 inches
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Cargo space

Again, the cargo space in the Dodge Caravan is its strongest selling point. The maximum cargo capacity with all the seats stowed is 143.8 cubic feet, which should be more than enough for your cargo needs. 
The cargo capacity shrinks a bit if you stow only the third-row seats—down to 83.3 cubic feet—but still provides more storage than some small SUVs. With no seats stowed, you still get 33 cubic feet of cargo space. 
But compare this space to its chief rival, the
Honda Odyssey
, and the Dodge Caravan lags behind. The Honda Odyssey has 144.9 cubic feet of total cargo space with 88.8 cubic feet behind the second row and 32.8 cubic feet behind the third row. It’s just another arena in which the Dodge Caravan can’t stand up to its competitors.

Which other Dodge vehicles can seat seven people?

If you’re looking for more options for seven-seat vehicles to match your growing family or other transportation needs, Dodge has got you covered. There are two additional Dodge vehicles that can accommodate seven total passengers. 
The first option is the
Dodge Journey
. While it doesn’t come standard with seating for seven, the optional third row extends its capacity—but because the third row is an added option, it’s a little tight for anyone but small children. It doesn’t leave much room for groceries or other cargo though—just 10.7 cubic feet behind the third row. 
The other choice is the
Dodge Durango
. This SUV comes with standard seating for seven and plenty of cargo space with 17.2 cubic feet available behind the third row. It comes with all the modern technology and refinements you’d expect, so it’s a better choice if you’re more tech-oriented.  
If you’re not in need of a seven-seater, there are plenty of other Dodge vehicles to choose from. If you need a muscle sedan, think about the five-seat
Dodge Charger

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