How long can bed bugs live in an empty house?

For almost a week we’ve had bed bugs living in our family home. It’s pretty intolerable, but we’re planning on taking a trip next week. We’ll be out of the house for three months, so I figure the bedbugs will be long dead when we get back. How long can bed bugs survive in an empty house?

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Oh no! Bedbugs are one of the most annoying pests to find in your home—I’m sorry to hear that your family has been dealing with them. Based on how long bed bugs can live in an empty house, I wouldn’t count on them being gone when you return from your trip. Bedbugs can survive four to five months without a host to feed on.
If you have a bedbug infestation, you’ve probably already noticed that they feed on you while you sleep. The itchy red bites are pretty hard to miss. These pesky parasites don’t drink water or eat other types of food. All the sustenance and hydration they need, they get from your blood. Without a host to feed on, bedbugs will eventually die, but that can take several months, even in an empty house.
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