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How much does it cost to replace a fog driving light bulb?

The average fog driving light bulb replacement cost is $65-$80. The exact price will depend on your vehicle, and you’ll pay much less if you avoid labor costs by doing it yourself.
How long does it take to replace a fog driving light bulb? It may take .90-1 hour to replace your fog driving light bulb. Make sure you call the auto repair shop ahead of time to ensure they have a compatible part.

How did we estimate these prices?

Jerry's experts researched and collected data from 2500+ real repair shops in all 50 states in the US, including everything from the total cost of repair services to the hourly labor cost for mechanic labor in each shop. We combined that data with our expert database of hundreds of real repair jobs, thousands of real cars, millions of real car part prices in order to best estimate the cost of each repair service. Our labor cost estimate is calculated by taking the average hourly labor rate for a certified mechanic in the US, times the number of hours it takes on average to complete a repair. We recommend you compare your local shops with Jerry and contact those shops directly to get final pricing for your vehicle.

What parts do I need for my fog driving light bulb replacement and how much do those parts cost?

Here are the parts you'll need for your fog lamp replacement along with approximate costs:
  • Fog driving light bulbs (pair): $20 to $50. Cost can vary depending on the bulb type, brand, and vehicle model. If you’re replacing one, you may as well replace them both.
  • Bulb sealant or dielectric grease (optional): $5 to $15. These can protect the electrical connections and prevent moisture ingress.
  • Screwdriver set: $10 to $30. You’ll need these to remove screws and access the fog light assembly.
  • Pliers: $10 to $25. Pliers may be necessary to safely remove and install certain parts.
  • Socket set: $20 to $50. These can help you access and replace bulbs and other components.
  • Wire brush or sandpaper: $5 to $15. If you need to clean electrical connectors and ensure proper connections, these tools will come in handy.
  • Safety gloves: $5 to $15. Non-negotiable! These protect your hands during the replacement process, and they protect the bulb from skin oils.
  • Safety glasses: $5 to $20. Make sure to protect your eyes from debris and potential hazards.
You can buy fog driving light bulb parts for your car from auto parts stores like AutoZone, NAPA Auto Parts, and Advance Auto Parts, as well as online retailers such as Amazon and RockAuto. We recommend brands like Philips, Sylvania, and Wagner. However, like price, recommended brands may also vary depending on your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model.
There are online and offline options for buying fog driving light bulb replacement parts. Local auto parts stores like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts, or NAPA Auto Parts offer a wide selection of fog light bulbs, catering to different vehicle makes and models. 
If you prefer high-quality OEM parts, you can visit your vehicle's authorized dealership, where you can find genuine fog light bulbs designed specifically for your car. Popular online retailers like Amazon, and RockAuto also provide a vast range of fog light bulbs, offering both OEM and aftermarket options. 
Finally, automotive specialty stores and some automotive repair shops may offer a broader selection of fog light bulbs, including premium or specialty options. 
OEM parts, produced by the same manufacturer as your vehicle's original components, offer an undeniable advantage: a perfect fit and seamless compatibility. This translates to longevity. Some OEM parts even sweeten the deal with warranties for added peace of mind. Nonetheless, this superior fit and pedigree come at a cost, making them the more expensive alternative.
On the flip side, we have the aftermarket parts which are more budget-friendly and brimming with options. Sylvania is a popular manufacturer of automotive fog lights. You could opt for extreme brightness and color variations with aftermarket parts, but quality discrepancies loom large with aftermarket products. 
Ultimately, you can go either way—just ensure you’re buying a quality, compatible part. 

Where can I get my fog driving light bulb replaced?

Finding the perfect spot to replace your fog driving light bulb can be a real headache, especially if you don’t have a reliable mechanic on call. But Jerry's
has got your back! 
They've got a massive network of over 2,500 top-notch repair shops all across the country. Their platform makes it really easy to compare fair price estimates, factoring in real hourly labor rates. Jerry's GarageGuard™ will even help you figure out potential diagnostic fees and read legit reviews, so you can make the best choice for your ride.
Check out the vetted shops below and download their app to review car repair quotes in your zip code. 
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RepairSmith - Dallas / Fort Worth

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Havoline Xpress Lube - #1324
11988 W. Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, CO
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How did we vet these shops?

Jerry experts researched 2500+ real repair shops across the US. We talked to real shop customers, and analyzed both real shop pricing data and thousands of real customer reviews from each shop to verify them individually. We do not partner with the shops listed above, and our analysis is always unbiased.

How will a mechanic replace my fog driving light bulb?

Here are the standard steps in a fog driving light bulb replacement:
  1. Safety first: The mechanic will ensure the car's engine is turned off and let the fog lights cool down to avoid burns.
  2. Access the fog light: Depending on your vehicle, the mechanic may need to access the fog light from under the vehicle or through the engine compartment.
  3. Remove the old bulb: The mechanic will carefully disconnect the electrical connector from the old fog light bulb and then twist or unclip the bulb to remove it from the housing.
  4. Inspect and clean: Before installing the new bulb, the mechanic will inspect the fog light housing for any dirt or debris and clean it if necessary.
  5. Install the new bulb: The new fog light bulb will be inserted into the housing and securely twisted or clipped in place.
  6. Reconnect the electrical connector: The mechanic will reattach the electrical connector to the new bulb.
  7. Test the fog light: To ensure everything is working correctly, the mechanic will turn on the fog lights and confirm that the new bulb is functioning properly.
  8. Double check: The mechanic will double-check that the fog light is aligned correctly and properly seated in the housing.
  9. Repeat if needed: If both fog lights need replacement, the mechanic will repeat the process on the other side.
  10. Final inspection: The mechanic will perform a final inspection to ensure both fog lights are working as they should.
Remember that the process can vary from one vehicle to the next.

What happens if I don’t replace my fog driving light bulb?

If you don't replace your fog driving light bulb, you won't have lights to help you navigate in foggy or dark conditions. Driving without proper fog lights can be risky, especially when visibility is low. 
Plus, if you ignore a burnt-out bulb for too long, it could mess with your other lights or even the electrical system. LED fog light bulbs are less likely to drain your battery, but it’s always a possibility.

What is a fog driving light bulb?

A fog driving light bulb is a specialized component that plays a critical role in enhancing visibility during adverse weather conditions. When confronted with dense fog, mist, or low-visibility environments, these bulbs can be turned on to emit a focused, low beam that cuts through the hazy shroud. 
Unlike regular headlight bulbs,
fog driving light bulbs
possess a unique design that helps minimize glare and scatter, directing the illumination downward and outward in a wide-angle pattern.
Their strategic positioning on the vehicle's front end further aids in illuminating the road closer to the ground, effectively revealing potential obstacles that might otherwise remain concealed by the thick fog. 
Inside the fog driving light bulb, you'll find a filament made of tungsten, similar to a regular incandescent bulb. However, the fog light bulb is coated with a special blue tint or yellow coating to help reduce glare and scatter, creating a focused beam. 
It may be a halogen headlight to enhance its brightness and longevity.
Many vehicles use xenon bulbs (aka HID headlights, or high-intensity discharge) in their fog lights because they produce a bright and intense light with a color temperature that is closer to daylight. LED headlight bulbs are sometimes used for fog lights, too.
The fog driving light bulb is triggered by activating the fog light switch inside the vehicle's cabin. When you turn on the fog light switch, it completes an electrical circuit, allowing current to flow to the fog light bulb. 
By providing better clarity in challenging road situations, fog driving light bulbs enable drivers to navigate with greater confidence and safety.
The SAE, or Society of Automotive Engineers, manages the standards for fog light design, construction, and performance. The DOT, or Department of Transportation, has standards for fog lights, too.

When should I replace the fog driving light bulb on my car?

You should replace the fog driving light bulb on your car if you notice any of the following signs:
  • Dimness or flickering: If the fog light appears dim or flickers when turned on, it indicates a worn-out bulb that needs replacement.
  • Complete failure: When the fog light does not turn on at all, it suggests that the bulb has burnt out and requires immediate replacement.
  • Yellowing or discoloration: If the bulb's glass or coating is yellowed or discolored, it can negatively affect the light output and visibility, necessitating a replacement.
  • Reduced visibility: If you find it difficult to see clearly in foggy or misty conditions despite turning on the fog lights, it might be due to a faulty bulb that needs to be replaced.
  • Routine maintenance: As a proactive approach, consider replacing fog light bulbs every couple of years, even if they appear to be functioning fine. Regular replacement ensures optimal performance and enhanced safety on the road.
Off-road vehicles are especially vulnerable to fog light problems, so these drivers should schedule regular fog light inspections to stay safe.

How often should a fog driving light bulb be replaced?

Check your fog light bulbs every six months or so. Look for any signs of dimness or flickering. If you see that happening, it's time for a replacement. 
If you use your fog lights a lot, they might wear out faster so keep an extra close eye on them. 

Can I replace my fog driving light bulb myself?

Yes, this is a doable task that doesn't require advanced mechanical skills. With some basic tools and following the right steps, you can DIY a fog driving light bulb replacement. 
Just remember to ensure you have the correct replacement bulb for your vehicle model and consult your owner's manual for specific instructions on accessing and replacing the fog light bulb. Remember that fog bulbs are different from tail lights and other interior bulbs.
Safety first, so make sure to turn off the car's engine and let the lights cool down before starting the replacement. 


On average, the cost for a single fog light bulb can range from $10 to $50—but the cost depends on several factors, including the type of bulb, your vehicle's make and model, and where you have the replacement done. Standard halogen bulbs are the cheapest and LED bulbs are the most expensive.
The most likely cause is a burnt-out bulb, as fog light bulbs have a limited lifespan and need replacement over time. Another possibility is an electrical issue, such as a blown fuse or a faulty wiring connection, preventing power from reaching the fog light bulb. 
Moisture or water intrusion
into the fog light housing can also lead to bulb failure, especially if the housing is not properly sealed. Corrosion or dirt on the bulb or electrical contacts can also disrupt the flow of electricity and cause the light to stop working—that’s why off-road vehicles are especially susceptible. 
Excessive vibration or impact can cause the filament inside the bulb to break, resulting in the fog light going out. Lastly, a defective fog light switch could be the culprit, preventing the light from turning on even if the bulb is functional.
It’s crucial to use fog lights responsibly and in appropriate weather conditions. Only drive with fog lights in foggy conditions and follow local laws and regulations.
Using fog lights unnecessarily in clear weather or well-lit areas can be distracting to other drivers and may even be illegal in some jurisdictions. Do not use high beams in the fog!
Remember that fog lights are not a substitute for regular headlights, and they should not be used as your primary source of lighting at night. 

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