How do you remove the electric motor on a club car?

I look forward to playing golf every summer with my buddies from college. I'm in my 60s, so it was quite some time ago! Anywho, the motor on my club car has gone kaputz. If that isn’t a buzz kill, I don’t know what is. How would I go about removing the electric motor on a club car?

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Answer provided by
Tara Malenfa
Answered on Jun 09, 2022
What a fun tradition! It’s not so fun to have your club car die on you when you need it most.
Motors vary depending on the type of club car or golf cart you’re working with. However, it’s a good idea to have a couple of different wrenches on hand including a half-inch wrench, and a 7/16 wrench (and one with a ratchet).
Before you begin your project, it’s important to obtain the manufacturer’s guide and consult a professional mechanic if you’re unfamiliar with removing auto motors.
Here’s an overview of how to remove an electric motor on a club car or golf cart:
  1. Remove all jewelry, watches, and accessories. Metal can cause sparks and serious injury when working with live circuits.
  2. Disconnect BOTH the main negative and main positive wires connected to the battery bank. This separates the components from the bank’s power and essentially kills the cart for the time being.
  3. If your cart had an access patch or panel,** remove** that as well to gain access to the motor. You’ll need to remove the motor from below if your cart doesn’t have this panel, or if there is a rear seat blocking it. This will require jacking the rear wheels off of the ground and using jack stands to support the weight of the cart.
  4. The wires will likely be color-coded, however, it’s still a good idea to draw yourself a wiring diagram. You can also use masking tape to label the wires. Use the designators beside each motor terminal to help you label.
  5. Some carts have a separately excited motor. Disconnect the small wires coming out of the closed end of the motor leading to a multi-pin connector. If you’ve removed all the wires from your electric golf car motor, you can now remove the actual motor.
  6. Remove the three to four small bolts that hold the motor onto the differential. A strap can be used to cradle the motor now that it has nothing to hold onto.
  7. Slide the motor away from the mounting flange and lift it up and out. Manually slide the motor off the input shaft if you’re removing it from below.
  8. Be careful not to drop the heavy motor on the ground, or yourself.
Now that you know how to change out your club car’s motor, you’ll be back to slaying it on the golf course this summer. Make sure your fun in the sun isn’t hindered by an overpriced car insurance policy.
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