How to become an Electric Car Mechanic

Electric vehicles are a lucrative industry that is reducing harmful emissions. To be an electric car mechanic, get an education in the field and get real work experience.
Written by Rochelle Miller-Hernandez
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Becoming an electric car mechanic is a good idea for anyone interested in making auto-repair their future career.
Electric is the future of the automotive industry. This has become clear with the rise of Tesla, the popularity of EVs and hybrids, and several automakers announcing plans to switch to an all-EW fleet. EV companies like Tesla will need mechanics to fix up cars for their customers.
This industrial movement is creating jobs for engineers, electric motor mechanics, and auto mechanics all over the world. If you’re interested in starting a career in the electric car industry,
has compiled all the steps you need to take to become an electric car mechanic.

Research the position

If you’re considering becoming an electric car mechanic, you should research what the job entails, the specialized training it requires, and average salaries.
Make sure the position aligns with your goals and aspirations before you put time and money into your training. Look at the coursework you will be required to take and determine if you think you have the mindset and skills to complete them successfully.
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Complete your education

In order to become an electric car mechanic, you need to take the applicable courses. Depending on the type of school or program you attend and the classes you complete, you will either become certified or obtain your associate’s degree in automotive and hybrid technology.
While many schools can help students find an internship or on-the-job training, they cannot guarantee you a job after graduation.

Secure an internship

Seek an internship with a reputable dealership or mechanic. On-the-job training is invaluable and highly sought after. Most employers will take an internship into consideration when calculating your job experience as it is hands-on work.
In fact, the company you complete your internship with may even offer you a job once you obtain your certification or degree. If they don’t have a position to offer but are known for quality work, another company may offer you a job because of the experience you gained while working for a reputable company.

Complete on-the-job training

If you can find entry-level or apprenticeship employment with a company that invests in their employees, you may have an opportunity for more advanced on-the-job training (plus, a full paycheck always sweetens the deal).
You will shadow and assist an electric car mechanic and receive experience ranging from routine maintenance to highly complex repairs. That being said, experienced mechanics have a wealth of real-life knowledge that can’t be found in textbooks.

Seek industry excellence

National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence
offers certification in specialized automotive fields. You must complete specific coursework, show excellence and dedication in your field of study, and have two years of experience before you can be certified. However, it is well worth the time and effort because certification will open up more opportunities for employment.
Even though the ownership of an electric car can amount to higher maintenance costs and other expenses, like charging stations, many decide to make the investment because of insurance savings, fuel savings, and the benefits to the environment.
Learning how to become an electric car mechanic and pursuing a career with hybrid vehicles will give you a firsthand experience of how sustainability is relevant and important in the automotive world.
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