What Happened to the Chevrolet Celebrity?

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
There was a time in the 1980s when the
Chevy Celebrity
was the belle of the automobile ball. Its distinguished style, model choices, and relative affordability made it a favorite among families and commuters. The driving public was smitten by the big car's nod to a bit of luxury.
But the Chevy Celebrity's heyday turned out to be short-lived. After enjoying robust sales for almost a decade, the Celebrity was discontinued after the 1989 model year. It’s now a piece of
American automotive history
long gone but not forgotten.
The Chevy Celebrity was introduced in 1982.

The Chevy Celebrity at its peak in the 1980s

The Chevrolet Celebrity was a midsize coupe originally introduced in 1982, though the name had once surfaced as an option for a 1960's Oldsmobile. The Celebrity was available in a variety of body styles, including a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, and a station wagon. The wagon, in particular, became a favorite with families.
The spacious cars were revamped several times in their years on the market. Before long, the Celebrity became one of the top-selling vehicles in the General Motors lineup, according to
Dan Cummins
. In 1984, the Chevy Celebrity Eurosport was debuted. It offered the driving public a sporty, European-style trim option they happily embraced.
The Celebrity received more facelifts and streamlining as time went on. The automaker's engineers worked tirelessly to improve the brand's fuel economy, eventually delivering 24 city/39 highway mpg. It was just the right move to make the Celebrity the preferred car for
family road trips
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Why did the Celebrity only last for one generation?

The Chevy Celebrity enjoyed robust sales and popularity throughout the decade. As the 1990s approached, declining sales prompted the company to shift its focus to the much anticipated Lumina. Production of the Celebrity came to a halt. The wagon was the last to be retired in 1990.
The Chevy Celebrity, despite its wild reception, was actually a typical 1980s midsize car. Even the Eurosport was neither particularly European nor sporty. It was a time of ever-changing standards of automobile performance and design and America quickly outgrew the boxy cars. 
The automaker itself was looking forward to a future of better and more modern driving options. It proved to be worthwhile. Although the Chevy Lumina never offered a wagon in its lineup, it impressively went on to be produced until 2013. But the Celebrity holds a special place in the hearts of America's automotive historians. Many feel it might have ended its run too soon.

Buying a used Chevy Celebrity today

Finding a decent Chevy Celebrity to drive today is tougher than you might think. Many were used and sold through the years as rental cars and for taxi services. The challenge is finding one that is in relatively good shape with low enough mileage to be worth the price.
If you do come across one of these nostalgic wonders, you probably won't have to dig too deeply into your wallet. One Chevy Celebrity was recently listed for $2,000, as reported by
. It’s a sweet ride for those who appreciate its place in America's automotive history.
Since the Celebrity's less-than-powerful drivetrain wasn't built for modern highway speeds, it isn't the number one choice for those on the go. But the brand's beloved sedan or wagon might be just what you need to take that leisurely road trip you always wanted.
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