Top 5 LGBT Cars

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
In the car world, there are all kinds of
about what kinds of cars different people drive, or even what your
car color says about you
. If you have an orange car, you might have a creative and artistic personality.
A radio show asked its queer listeners what they thought were the best and most popular cars owned by the LGBTQ+ community, as reported by
. Here are five of the top LGBT cars based on the results of the non-scientific poll.
Subaru is one of the most popular car brands among queer people, and that’s no accident.

The Subaru Outback

Ranking high on the list is the all-wheel drive Subaru Outback. While late model Outbacks are pretty posh, with different trim levels boasting media packages and Nappa leather, the humble beginnings of the Outback are what made it so popular.
Much of
Subaru's popularity
within the queer community is due to their progressive ad campaigns from the 1990s. After finding that the size and capability of the Outback appealed to lesbian women, Subaru decided to market toward the queer community. 
In their commercials, they used suggestive taglines for their brand like, “It's Not a Choice. It's the Way We're Built.” They also had duos of the same gender act in scenes together, using body language to subtly hint that they could be together. Though nothing was said outright, they were quite progressive for the ‘90s and caused a bump in Subaru’s popularity in LGBTQ+ circles.
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The Subaru Forester

Because it was tough to pick just one Subaru model, the Forester also tops the list. Touting both cargo space and comfort, it also heavily relies on a following established by its station wagon predecessor.
The Forester made every major car magazine’s top-10 compact SUVs list for 2021. It has decent off-road capabilities and a spacious interior.

The Volkswagen Beetle

Another model that has stood the test of time is the
VW Bug
. It's compact while being cute and fun. Whether you know it as a Beetle or Bug, it's definitely a car that everyone can admire and enjoy.
The VW Beetle is an iconic car that many are hoping will be revived in the future.

The Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler was popular across the board in this poll. It's rugged and versatile and available in a
fun color
for added style. The Wrangler has always stood out among off-road drivers and surfers alike.
This vehicle is both fun and reliable. It’s perfect for any drivers that like to go on outdoor adventures.

The Volkswagen Cabrio

While we're reminiscing about throwback vehicles that aren't in production anymore, let's not leave out the VW Cabrio. From the classic Rabbit Cabrio days to the more recent Beetle Cabrio, this convertible has always been fun to drive.
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