Tom Cruise's BMW X7 Was Stolen During Filming

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
BMWs are not only fuel-efficient
but are fun to drive and last a long time, making them popular choices on the luxury market. A big SUV instead of a sleek sedan, the BMW X7 is relatively new to the lineup.
Unfortunately, buyers aren’t the only ones looking for BMWs, many
luxury cars
are highly sought-after by thieves.
The Guardian
reported that Tom Cruise's X7 was stolen when he was on a movie set. How did the vehicle get stolen, and how can you prevent it from happening to you?
Thankfully, there are numerous accessories you can get for your car to prevent theft.

Tom Cruise's BMW X7

Tom Cruise had been in Birmingham while filming the latest Mission: Impossible film. The BMW X7 was stolen from the parking lot of the hotel where the actor had been staying. Fortunately, police were able to trace the vehicle relatively quickly because it had a tracking device inside.
The vehicle was reported missing in the early morning and recovered in under 24 hours. It was found three miles away, but the person or people responsible for the theft have not been located.
The Quint
reported that the vehicle is valued at around $116,000, but thankfully it was unscathed. Many thieves target performance cars to go on joyrides and leave them severely damaged.
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What did Tom Cruise leave inside his BMW X7?

Unfortunately, police weren't able to recover Tom Cruise's belongings and luggage that were inside the vehicle.
He didn't say what he was carrying, but it was reportedly worth "thousands" of British pounds. The police are still attempting to trace the parties responsible with CCTV footage.

How can you keep your car from being stolen?

The Quint said the thieves were probably able to scan the signal from the vehicle's key fob and replicate it. This method of theft is especially hard to deter, but some newer cars have security features that can disable keys.
Tom Cruise probably also could have benefited from a dash camera that he could check on his phone between takes.
It was smart to park in a public area and to have a GPS tracker inside the car. However, the theft occurred in the early hours of the morning when there was no light and probably zero bystanders.
If you must park in a public place at night, try to find an area with a lot of outside lights. When you're out and about, always consider your surroundings before parking your vehicle.
Don't leave your vehicle in places with high crime rates. If you have to park in a shady area, try to do so on an incline or parallel parking spot. This will make your vehicle less likely to be snatched away.
Some thieves are brave enough to try to steal a vehicle out of your own driveway. You should consider getting motion-activated outside lights or a visible security camera to make them think twice.
Obviously, you should also keep your vehicle locked at all times and never leave it running. Tom Cruise probably should have left his luggage in the hotel room, or at least attempted to hide it. Sometimes thieves are more interested in money or valuable items in full view rather than the actual car.
There are also plenty of anti-theft devices on the market that you can install including steering wheel or outside wheel locks. Many of these systems can be pricey, but your car insurance provider might
discount your coverage
if you have one.
Tom Cruise may have recovered his BMW X7, but not everyone is so lucky. To keep yourself protected in the worst-case scenario, sign up with
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