How to Get Car Insurance Discounts

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Car insurance can be costly, but you might be eligible for discounts on your insurance premiums. Insurance providers often provide additional benefits and savings to specific groups, of which you may be a part.
To keep more money in your pocket when you buy car insurance, all it takes is some preparation before calling for a quote and securing a policy. Here’s how to check for discounts you might be eligible for.

Check the insurance provider’s website

Most discounts that are provided by car insurance companies are listed online, or may be selectable when you inquire complete an online quote. Check the provider’s website for details about discounts offered.
Step 1: Navigate to the online quote page on the car insurance provider’s website. Most discounts are listed during the quote process.
Step 2: Fill out your personal information. That includes your full name and address, your email address and phone number, and your driver’s license number and Social Security Number if requested.
This information helps the insurance company pull up a nearly complete profile on you.
Step 3: Look for radio boxes to select applicable discounts. These are check boxes, usually found near the bottom of the form.
Insurers may ask if you are military personnel or a veteran, which could qualify you for a discount from certain providers.
Step 4: Fill out your driver’s profile. This information indicates your past driving history.
Your driving profile includes past accidents and traffic violations. Accuracy is required as untrue information can cause your quote to be invalid or incorrect.
A driver with little to no violations on their record is usually eligible for discounts based on safe driving history.
Step 5: Fill out the vehicle information for the vehicle you want to insure. The car’s 17-digit VIN number is the simplest way to accurately input this information, although vehicle details can be selected for a quote.
Confirm the vehicle’s options if available. The safety and security equipment are particularly of interest regarding discounts.
Airbags, anti-lock brakes, Electronic Stability Control, and an ignition immobilizer device are examples of equipment that can be part of a discount.
Step 6: View your online quote. Check the information at the end of the quote for details on additional discounts.
There may be additional discounts you can select, if applicable, to lower your insurance premium further.
If you’ve taken a Defensive Driving course in the past three years, for example, you may be eligible for an additional discount.
If you plan to pay your insurance premiums in full, you may be eligible for a small discount.
Some car insurance providers offer a discount for viewing documents electronically instead of receiving paper copies.

Call the insurance company for additional discounts

Some discounts may be advertised as time-sensitive offers or available in person only, or offered only to certain groups such as unions. To receive discounts such as these, you may be required to attend an office. Call ahead to confirm your eligibility.
Step 1: Collect your identification or employment information. This is most important for special groups you belong to.
This is the documentation that proves definitively you belong to a certain organization. Examples are union ID, student identification, military ID, and medical professionals.
Step 2: Call your local insurance agent with your information. It’s helpful if you’ve already completed an online quote beforehand.
Step 3: Inquire about additional discounts for the groups to which you belong. If it’s not advertised or listed online, it might not be eligible for a discount. However, you may find money-saving discounts that are not widely known.
You may be required to visit the office with your identification to secure the discount.
Car insurance is a critical part of owning a car. People often overpay as rates increase and situations change. If you want to save money on your car insurance bill discounts might be a good option for you.

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