Rumors of a 4-Door Camaro Are on the Horizon, and It's Electric

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
For years, the
Camaro has been one of the top muscle cars in America. That's begun to change, however, and the Camaro has had a long fall from grace. Since automakers are businesses that need to make money to survive, it appears the Camaro may be on the chopping block.
Is that really the end, however? Rumor has it that a new Camaro will be born from the ashes of the old, and
it'll be electric
. Here's what we found out.
The current model Camaro will come to an official end in 2024.

The end of the Camaro, as we know, it may be near

Love it or hate it, the Chevy Camaro has been making waves in the American auto world for many years. In fact, it's been featured in movies, commercials, and was one of the few muscle cars that people on a budget could afford. And now it's over.
According to
, it appears that the Camaro is on its last legs. It will soon go the way of other cars, who simply didn't manage to perform that well. 
While there have been rumors of other cars being phased out in the past, only to have a revival, it doesn't appear this will happen with the current Camaro. It's in its sixth generation, and GM doesn't appear to have any plans to roll out a seventh. 
This is due to poor sales performance. Designing, manufacturing, and advertising for vehicles is extremely expensive, and the Camaro simply doesn't have the numbers to back up saving it. With that being said, there is a new Camaro on the way, but it's only loosely based on the original. 
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Big changes are coming to the Camaro

It now appears that in an effort to go fully electric by 2035, General Motors has decided to push this agenda by making the Camaro green, and we don't mean the paint color. We mean the Camaro is going electric.
While this is good news for some, there's another twist that has others less than enthusiastic.
reports that the two-door Camaro will now become a four-door. While it may not be as bad as
the catfish Camaro
, it's already causing a stir amongst auto lovers.
Going electric may be cool, if it has the performance to back it up, but four doors may mean the beloved vehicle leaves some fans behind. This happened with the
Dodge Charger
. Even though it still has a tough exterior, some former fans long for the days when it had less of a family feel to it.
Even so, there are some who will welcome the new Camaro with open arms, and eagerly await its arrival. So when is it going to make its official debut?

When will the new Camaro hit dealership floors?

The current model Camaro will come to an official end in 2024, so if you want one, this might be a good time to go car shopping. In the meantime, there are some who think the new electric Camaro will hit showroom floors in 2023.
While there's no guarantee that the new Camaro will arrive by then, it seems likely. Having both the old and new side by side will be a great way to give customers a chance to decide if they like the new one. 
While we don't have specs yet, there are many who point to the new Hummer. It'll have an astonishing 1,000 hp to go with that electric engine, and it can hit 60 mph with times that would make a Porsche proud. Now consider how heavy a Hummer is, and the fact that it was never known for that kind of power when it originally hit public streets, and you may have an idea of what the new Camaro will be able to do.
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