Rimac Employee Speeds While Testing the New Electric Car Nevera

Aleena Juarez
· 4 min read
isn't something drivers often think about, but many US states are concerned about the growing trend of street racing. It's easy to get caught up in all the hype, especially when there are videos of drivers in hypercars hitting speeds that seem unbelievable.
There are consequences for this, however, as one test driver for Rimac recently learned.

The ultimate test drive

Hypercars can reach incredible speeds in seconds | Twenty20
If you haven't heard of Rimac, you probably will soon. While Tesla is known for making luxury electric cars, Rimac designs and produces electric hypercars.
The speeds that Rimac is currently reaching are unbelievable, and it can be hard to resist opening up the throttle when on an open highway. One of those cars is the Nevera, which can go from zero to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds,
That seems to be what happened recently, at least. A video hit Reddit on June 2, and the world was both stunned and elated. A Rimac driver was apparently on a test drive in the new Nevera when he decided to see what it could really do.
The driver was filmed by his passenger tearing down the highway at speeds of 144 mph, even though the speed limit in that area was 55 mph.
The video was quickly removed from Reddit, but the damage was already done. Those who witnessed it quickly posted it to other social media accounts, and there was no forgetting this test drive.
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Rimac does not support speeding

As exhilarating as the video was to watch, the local police of Dubrovnik were not as pleased. The police department stated they were not informed that testing was taking place on its roads.
The driver called the police when word got out about the video and turned himself in. Since he turned himself in, he was only indicted with a misdemeanor in a local court.
Even though things turned out okay,
speeding on a public highway
is never a smart move. It's also not one that Mate Rimac, the CEO of Rimac, supports.
According to
The Drive
, Rimac released a statement that read, "Our attitude is clear: we inform all customers, guests and employees that driving is happening on public transport and that they must follow the law sic. The driver from the video called the police himself. The police came and conducted an interview and will be punished as anyone else would be punished in this situation."

Street racing is on the rise

MORE: You Should Stick to Speed Limits Even on a Race Track
Street racing is no joke, and it can lead to serious accidents. People die every year from street racing, and it's not always those behind the wheel of the car. In spite of this, it appears that street racing is on the rise in the US.
According to
The Guardian
, this could be in part due to the pandemic. More people staying at home need to burn some energy, but many businesses were closed. This may have led to some people taking to the streets to race against their friends. The extra downtime may have also allowed more opportunity to work on their cars.
If you have an interest in racing, there are safer ways to do it than hitting the streets. Finding a local racetrack is one way to scratch that itch without putting others at risk. Not all tracks are open to the general public, but many are. All you need to do is a little research.
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