Another Person Is Facing Jail Time After Lying to Car Insurance Companies

Alex Healey
· 2 min read
Car insurance
fraud is a very serious crime, and if you get caught, the consequences can be devastating. This is the reality facing a Pennsylvania woman who has just been given a jail sentence for lying to her car insurance company.
Find out what she did, how long she will be behind bars, and how insurance fraud hurts us all.
Car insurance fraud is no joke and can even land you in jail | Twenty20

Woman convicted of car insurance fraud

As reported by
Insurance Journal
, Shaminga L. Davis from Morrisville, PA, pleaded guilty in January to fraud and theft by deception.
Davis was under investigation for eight separate claims made between 2016 and 2018. The District Attorney’s Office found she had filed one claim through a
, using the name of an ex-partner, and a further seven claims under her own
State Farm
car insurance policy.
Not only were the claims fraudulent, but on more than one occasion, Davis was paid twice for the same claim, after falsely telling her insurer she never received the first payment. In total, her lies defrauded the two insurance companies out of $40,000.
Judge Theodore C. Fritsch sentenced her to four to 23 months in county jail, and has ordered her to undergo probation for five years.
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Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime

While big insurance companies might elicit little sympathy from drivers, they are not the only ones who suffer from car insurance fraud.
Insurers try to recuperate the money they are losing to fraudulent claims by hiking their prices, so even law-abiding drivers are punished. Insurance fraud is one of the main reasons American drivers pay so much for coverage.

How to save on your car insurance

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