A Nearly Fatal Gun Accident Led to a Unique Car Insurance Claim

Aleena Juarez
· 4 min read
car insurance
sounds easy enough, until you talk to an actual agent. Then you're having terms thrown at you that you've probably never heard before. Even experienced drivers may struggle to know what they need, especially with all the different
types of coverage
Some types of insurance are obvious enough, such as
collision coverage
. But what happens when there's an accident that has nothing to do with a collision? For example, how do you explain to your insurance agent that your gun fired by accident? Sound crazy?
How Stuff Works
reported that this has actually occurred.

What caused this strange gun accident?

Accidents happen. Call it Murphy's Law, or whatever you want, but if it can go wrong, it will. No matter how hard you work to make a situation absolutely perfect, something is sure to mess up. That's what happened to a gentleman who was just driving around with his shotgun in the passenger seat.
The driver reached his destination with no issues. But disaster struck as he left his vehicle.
The man reached over to grab his shotgun and hopped out. The man knows he dropped the gun, but is a little foggy on the rest of the details. He might have pulled the trigger when he grabbed it, or it could have misfired when he dropped it.
Either way, the interior of his truck got redecorated by shotgun pellets. Perhaps he should have buckled his shotgun in, but it's unclear if that would have made a difference.
According to How Stuff Works, the driver was thankfully uninjured but the headliner, seat covers, and dashboard were extensively damaged. He described the incident to his agent and surprisingly, the damage was covered under
comprehensive insurance
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Why was the cost of damages covered?

While it's not illegal to carry a gun in many states, especially where hunting is a major pastime, it's unusual for someone to shoot up the cab of their vehicle. It's even rarer when it's an accident. While there are plenty of occasions when someone reports their vehicle being shot up, it's usually done deliberately.
So was this accident covered by insurance? As it turns out, it was.
According to
Ron Hettler
, who helped cover this claim, "Comprehensive (Comp) coverage on an automobile policy is very broad and covers many weird incidents. It is now known on most policies as "other than collision" or OTC and provides coverage for flood, vandalism, hail, wind, and theft. It also provides coverage for everything that is not excluded!"
While it's easy to think that this will never happen to you, it's still worth considering getting protection against different scenarios.
Maybe this particular incident won’t happen to you, but
insurance companies like Farmers
brand themselves as covering wild or unusual claims. To make sure you’re protected against any event, you should combine different insurance types for full coverage.

How can you find the right coverage?

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