A Loud Exhaust Will Now Cost You $1,000 in New York

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Some car enthusiasts consider a loud exhaust to be an essential
car part
in addition to having the
fastest car
on the block. However, having a loud exhaust can not only cost you your relationship with your neighbors, but it can also cost you $1,000 if you are in
New York
There are fines in other states as well, but New York is the highest by far due to several factors. Let's take a look at why the fines are so high in New York when compared to other states.
New York has introduced a new vehicle fine that targets loud exhaust pipes.

New York carries the heftiest fine for a loud exhaust

Compared to other states, New York carries the heftiest
for a loud exhaust at a whopping $1,000. New York governor Kathy Hochul has just signed into law a bill that bumps the exhaust noise violation in the state from $150 to $1000 due to an outbreak of illegal street racing. 
For comparison, the fine is $500 per violation in the state of Colorado and $200 in California. Virginia carries up to a $250 fine.
These fines vary state to state regarding the methods of measurement used to determine if an exhaust is violating the law. Some states consider only the decibels, while others consider the distance away from the source as well. 

What is considered a loud exhaust?

While there is no federally accepted measure of what constitutes a loud exhaust, states have their formula for this determination. For example, in California, the maximum sound level limit for vehicle exhausts states that the vehicle exhaust does not exceed 95 decibels and this measurement is taken next to the vehicle.
In Kansas, state muffler laws say that vehicle exhaust noise must be less than 90 decibels when measured from 50 feet away.
According to
, Connecticut states, "No person, including a motor vehicle dealer or repairer or a motorcycle dealer, shall remove all or part of any muffler on a motor vehicle except to repair or replace the muffler or part for the more effective prevention of noise.”
It goes on to strictly prohibit the installation of an exhaust system or any device which will cause more noise than normal.

The fine is meant to discourage illegal street racing

New York has experienced an increase in illegal street racing since the pandemic began, which has increased the amount of noise pollution. New York City residents are being tormented by the loud exhausts that go hand-in-hand with illegal street racing. 
Besides being a public nuisance concerning sound pollution, the rumble from the passing cars sets off car alarms along the streets where they race.
In addition to the stiffer fines, Senator Brad Hoylman introduced a bill titled FURIOUS or Fighting Urban Racing In Our Streets Act. The legislation would allow city speed cameras to operate 24 hours, every day, to catch criminals in the act and fine them.
Another legislator, Andrew Gounardes, introduced the Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution Act, or SLEEP Act, which is the specific act that increases fines from $150 to $1,000. 
Illegal street racing is not only annoying but it is dangerous as well. Cars that race in residential areas are not only putting their own lives at risk but also those of the residents as well. New York's bold move to increase fines on loud exhaust pipes is a step in the right direction for regulating this dangerous pastime. 
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