What Happened to the Old Chrysler Logo?

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Every respected brand out there has a logo. Each logo tells a story and sheds light on the intentions of a particular company. For instance, the Mercedes Benz logo reflects lots of cash and elegance. So, what happened to the old
Before delving into that, you can consider others like the one on
Aston Martin vehicles
. These automobiles are eccentric, and their logo signifies that they are not everyday autos. On the other hand, "persevering" and "ambitious" would probably be the words that best describe the Chrysler logo.
The Chrysler logo has gone through many changes over the years.
Walter Chrysler founded Chrysler in 1925. The brand is now an Italian-American company based in Michigan and is FIAT's subsidiary. Multiple brands and companies have been created throughout the automaker's history, including Plymouth, Dodge Brothers, DeSoto, and Fargo Trucks. 
Chrysler's logo has also undergone significant changes. That, in turn, has allowed the company to maintain its hold on consumers. A large number of alternative versions and changes contribute to the Chrysler logo's extensive history.
The automaker's first logos were stamps and seals. According to
1000 Logos
, that evolved to a pair of wings, and eventually, the colors changed after the acquisition of FIAT. Also, Chrysler adopted the navy blue, silver, and gray color palettes after abandoning the warm one. 
Presently, the brand name is in two places with different shades. The top one uses a light silver, and a darker shade is on the name in the center. A touch of navy blue is also available that works only as contrast and is quite discreet. 
Additionally, a pair of royal silver wings is Chrysler's current emblem. You will realize that the wings are now flaps and have been retouched to eliminate unnecessary details. Thanks to the logo's simplicity, the name Chrysler has also been included in the middle of the wings.
The Chrysler logo is one of the emblems that has undergone a lot of transformation throughout its history. On the other hand, the company successfully introduced several low-priced four and six-cylinder automobiles within five years of its inception. 
Consequently, that pushed the carmaker to the second-place position in overall U.S. car sales by 1936. That became one of the best and most memorable achievements in Chrysler's history. 

Is the automaker poised for a refresh soon?

Chrysler's current logo was introduced in 2009 following the company's acquisition by FIAT, which led to a redesign of the winged logo with no seal. The result was homogeneous wings without several parallel lines.
The name Chrysler also replaced the seal on a dark blue background. In essence, the company's current logo has been in existence for over ten years. So, given the timeline of old logos, Chrysler may be set for a refresh soon.
Chrysler's visual identity extends back to the early 1900s and the brand's logo has had over ten redesigns throughout the years. In 1928-1930, Chrysler's logo was composed of a wax seal image with two wings, symbolizing speed. 
Note that the idea behind the seal was to act as the company's quality mark. In 1930-1936, the brand retained the seal and eliminated the wings from the logo. The color palette was also changed to gold and burgundy to reflect quality and luxury.
In 1950-1951, Chrysler's logo was dramatically changed to feature a black shield with a gold lion rampant holding a red crest. The experiment was relatively short since the brand retained the emblem for only a year.
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