Chrysler Logo History

From a golden wax seal to the notable silver-winged design we see today, this is the evolution of the Chrysler logo.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Since 1925, Chrysler’s emblematic logo has progressed alongside the design of one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. The original logo was designed by Oliver Clark, who later helped create an early silver-winged version that has represented the auto brand until today. 
You probably hear it all the time: they don’t make cars like they used to. And looking back at the ones from the early 20th-century, you can see the pride that went into creating these pioneering innovations! A great logo reflects the identity of a car brand, and the
logo is one of the most widely known emblems you’ll come across, though it’s come a long way from where it started.
In this article, we'll take a look at how the Chrysler logo evolved over the years, what’s behind the design, and how you can save money with the best car insurance for your iconic ride.
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Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler company in 1925. The brand’s first logo was a golden wax seal with blue and gold ribbon hanging off the side along with golden lightning bolts around the Chrysler name, representing the speed of the Roman god Mercury. 
The first Chrysler logo was actually designed in 1924, a year before the official introduction of the car brand, created by one of the engineers of the new car company: Oliver Clark. In 1928, Clark—once again inspired by Roman mythology—soon created a silver-winged logo for the radiator of the vehicle. Both logos were meant to symbolize the high quality of the vehicle itself. 
By the 1930s, both logos were combined, with the wax seal at the center of the silver wings until the design was revised in 1955. But over the years, Chrysler has experimented with variations of the silver wings that we still see today. 

Chrysler logo changes through time

Although there have been several modifications over the century, seven significant updates made to the Chrysler logo from 1924 until the present time really stand out. Here’s how the Chrysler logo has progressed throughout car history.
  • 1924: The original logo was a golden wax seal with a blue and gold ribbon hanging off the side. The golden Chrysler name was in the center with golden lightning bolts flanking it.
  • 1928: Clark created the second logo for Chrysler as a silver wax seal with silver wings above. The Chrysler name is once again in the center with silver lightning bolts around it.
  • 1955: The original Chrysler logo got a major mid-century modern update! The wax seal was replaced with two arrows pointing to the right. A red arrow is placed in the background while the black arrow is in the foreground.
    also used this same logo.
  • 1962: Designed by Robert Stanley, the pentastar logo is one of Chrysler’s most well-known logos. The colors of the car brand changed to blue, white, and black.
  • 1993: Chrysler took inspiration from the past and reintroduced a slightly altered version of the original wax seal to a new generation. A newer sans-serif font style was used for the Chrysler name in the center.
  • 1998: Another modernized version of the original logo, the wax seal in the center with longer silver wings expanding on both sides of the logo. A simple black Chrysler label was placed above the logo. 
  • 2010 to present: Today, Chrysler has moved away from the traditional wax seal to provide a sleeker design with silver wings that look similar to the fenders of a car. Chrysler is written on a blue nameplate in the center while the company name is also written above the logo in light gray. 

What’s behind the Chrysler logo design?

The Chrysler logo was meant to demonstrate the automaker’s speed and sophistication. Three key elements influenced the logo’s design, including:
  • The emblem: The Mercury-inspired golden wax seal with golden lightning bolts on both sides of the Chrysler name, later combined with silver wings, has been the foundation of the iconic logo from 1924 to now. 
  • The font: The typeface for Chrysler is called Trade Gothic, which comes in various cuts. Chrysler’s name in the center of every logo is always written in all caps.
  • The color: Chrysler’s original logo was designed in gold, blue, and red, but over the years it has changed into today’s silver and deep blue, shaded in black and white. 

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