This Company Will Convert Your Classic Car Into an EV

Carlos Kirby
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Many folks that own a
classic car
bear a sentimental value to their ride. That affection makes it difficult for them to part ways with their beloved vehicles, especially in an era when cars with internal combustion engines are being scrapped to mitigate CO2 emissions. Here's the good news: Lunaz auto shop specializes in classic car EV conversions. 
The company promises to give your vehicle an electrically powered engine, whether it's the classic Rolls-Royce Phantom or Aston Martin DB5. Although the conversion might impact your
auto insurance rates
, it guarantees a less polluting and cheaper alternative to gas-powered vehicles. 
The England-based auto-restorer Lunaz specializes in converting classic cars to EVs.

Lunaz Auto Shop: A frontrunner in classic car conversions to EVs

Lunaz Automotive Shop is one of the renowned businesses in the growing market for electric engine conversions for high-end classics. Their work ranges from Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Range Rover classics. By ridding a classic car of tailpipe emissions, Lunaz transforms the vehicle into an EV, reducing its carbon emission and refueling costs.
Located in Silverstone, England,
leverages its high-tech powertrain, designed and engineered in-house, to upgrade your surviving car into an EV. The company preserves a vehicle's classic design and style but introduces the latest technologies to offer owners new-world convenience. 
Each classic car from Lunaz receives entirely new EV charging ports, upgraded infotainment, onboard Wi-Fi, new brakes and suspension, and air conditioning. While Lunaz has made tremendous strides in the EV conversions sector, it's only one of many businesses providing such services
It was established in 2018, but many others started several years before Lunaz's founding. Examples include the Florida-based Green Shed Conversions established in 2006 and OZ Motors in Japan.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of upcycling classic cars into EVs?

One of the top benefits of converting a classic car into an EV is that it makes the vehicle more user-friendly and significantly reduces maintenance costs. Furthermore, it's an excellent means of preserving these cars for use by future generations. 
EV conversions increase its reliability, usability, and sentimental value for any car collector or owner of an antique model.
Another upside is that converting an existing car bypasses the manufacturing process, increasing the efficiency of each project. Conversion companies need not extract new manufacturing materials to create a new functional vehicle, reducing production time. 
According to
, there are some downsides to the EV conversion industry. Although an EV car has less CO2 emissions than a diesel or gas-powered vehicle, the manufacturing process accounts for about 20% to 95% of emissions associated with EVs.
In Europe, manufacturing a medium-sized EV releases two metrics more in CO2 than emissions associated with conventional car manufacturing. 
Because most EV conversions involve modern technological upgrades and introductions of new electrically-powered powertrains, the conversion costs are high, ranging from $250,000 to $1 million for luxury vintage cars. 
Even with London Electric Cars, which does EV conversions for the "common man," upgrades cost anything from $41,000 to $275,000. That's still expensive and limits the demand for affordable conversions. 

The controversies surrounding EV conversions

Many countries have pledged to do away with combustion engines in the next decade. Still, experts say EV conversions offer an easy alternative since many gas-powered cars running on the road can be transformed into EVs. However, there are some controversies to that. 
Some groups, such as the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Club, say that vintage cars should be left "as is". This segment of purists believes that upgrading a classic car's performance, environmental standards, and roadworthiness to match modern vehicles compromises the car's historic value.
It also raises several concerns about a car's performance and perception. In 2016, Electric GT, an electric powertrain manufacturer, hired a California-based EV conversion company to upgrade the 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS. 
Two years later, the converted Ferrari beat the original model on the track by 10 seconds, demonstrating that EVs could not only match gasoline-powered cars, but they performed even better.
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