Car Theft is on the Rise in San Francisco

Alexandra Maloney
· 3 min read
San Francisco
area has seen a 32% increase in
car break-ins
this year, with the holiday season only making matters worse, according to
ABC 7 News
. As
car thefts
rapidly rise in the area, local law enforcement agencies are shocked by some of the measures citizens are taking to
prevent damage to their vehicle
We have the full story on what’s happening in San Francisco, as well as how you can protect your car no matter where you live.
As car theft rises in San Francisco, some drivers are leaving their vehicle's doors unlocked so thieves won't damage their cars.

What’s happening in San Francisco?

San Francisco and the surrounding areas are seeing a large increase in car crimes of all kinds this year. In San Francisco, there’s been a 32% increase in car break-ins and 20% increase in auto burglaries. In the neighboring city of Oakland, car break-ins and auto burglaries have both increased by 27%.
In order to prevent damage to their cars, in what some citizens regard as inevitable car break-ins, many drivers in the area have started leaving their car windows rolled down, car doors unlocked, and even their trunks wide open at night, according to
Fox News
San Francisco Police Department Deputy Chief Garrett Tom told ABC 7 News, “I’m shocked. There’s so much that could go wrong here.” Many drivers view leaving their cars unlocked and available to thieves as a means of preventing damage like smashed windows to their cars. 
But, Deputy Chief Tom strongly advises against this practice, telling ABC 7 News, “They [thieves] could steal your batteries, your tires. They could go into your glove compartment and find where you live.”
Instead, there are other measures San Francisco drivers and drivers throughout the world can take to protect their cars.
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Protecting yourself against car theft

Car break-ins can happen anywhere, so it’s best practice for anyone with a car to be aware and take preventative safety measures. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to get you started in protecting your vehicle.
  • Never leave valuables anywhere in your car, even tucked under a seat or in the glove compartment.
  • Lock all doors and windows every time you get out of your vehicle.
  • Invest in security cameras or a surveillance system to
    keep your car safe
  • Park your car in your garage or a well-lit street area. 
  • Ensure your car alarms are on and activated. 
  • Do not keep a spare key in or around your car.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Comprehensive car insurance and car theft

Even the most careful drivers sometimes fall victim to car theft or auto burglaries. In some cases, it’s inevitable that it’ll happen and the most important thing is that you stay safe. That’s why it’s essential all drivers have comprehensive car insurance.
Comprehensive car insurance covers your car in a variety of situations, including car theft. But, comprehensive coverage varies based on factors such as state and lender, so it’s important you read the list of covered perils listed on your policy before you sign.
Some things comprehensive car insurance typically covers include: car theft, natural disasters, fires,
contact with animals
, and vandalism. When you look for comprehensive coverage, make sure you find a policy that covers everything you think you’ll need or want, and be sure to use Jerry to find the lowest rates possible when protecting your car.

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