Car Brands With the Highest Supply

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
If you've been trying to shop for a
new car
, you may notice that many vehicles seem overpriced. Inventory and
microchip shortages
have left a lot of automakers struggling to keep up with demand.
The auto industry measures car supply based on how long it would take a dealer to deplete their inventory of vehicles.
reported that the average supply of vehicles currently sits at about 25 days, which is less than half of what analysts consider a healthy inventory.
Some automakers are still thriving despite the shortages. Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Infiniti, Genesis, and Volvo are some of the brands with the most supply. Based on MarketWatch’s list of vehicles with the highest inventory, which specific models are the easiest to find right now?
Many automakers are seeing extremely limited car supply.

Top 5 car models with the highest supply

The Ram 1500 currently has the highest days’ supply. The vehicle boasts a healthy lineup of engines, including a supercharged V8 for the highest trim. It can't tow as much as rivals like the Ford F-150, but 12,750 pounds is still quite impressive.
The bed can hold up to 2,300 pounds, available in multiple sizes with a weather-proof compartment for extra cargo. The Ram 1500 is also known for having one of the most comfortable interiors in its segment.
If you need a midsize SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is also in good supply right now. Like many other Jeeps, it excels in off-roading and has plenty of intuitive technology onboard. However, those potent engines aren't very efficient and the cargo capacity is relatively small by segment standards.
The Chevy Equinox ranked third in terms of supply. It’s slightly smaller than the Grand Cherokee, but still has generous accommodations for both cargo and passengers. Some critics say the base engine is too weak, but the optional 252-horsepower turbo-four provides a more satisfying performance. Even with its recent redesign, the interior still isn't as polished as its competitors.
The Equinox was followed by the Ford Escape. The Escape’s interior is slightly more upscale, and
Consumer Reports
says it's more fun to drive than the Equinox. The steering is well-weighted, the ride is balanced, and the brakes kick in quickly when needed.
It also proved to be one of the quicker compact SUVs on the site's road tests. However, it has one of the worst reliability ratings in its class and comes with an underpowered base engine.
The Honda Pilot took fifth place on the list and is generally seen as one of the most reliable SUVs on the market. Its suspension provides a supple ride and even its third row is big enough for most adults. However, it's lacking in standard features despite the 2021 entry model's $32,550 price tag.
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Which cars are the hardest to find?

It's increasingly difficult to find many Toyota models right now, like the Corolla sedan. Though not as popular as the Camry, it still has great fuel economy and comes packed with many safety features. The
Toyota Highlander
, another midsize SUV, is also in short supply.
The Toyota Tacoma might not be the most powerful truck, but its limited supply shows its popularity among consumers. It's known to be more reliable than many of its rivals.
The Subaru Forester is also currently experiencing extreme shortages.

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