Bear Damages Tennessee Man’s Car

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
While you might expect to possibly encounter a bear during a camping trip, you don’t usually expect to chase one out of your car during that trip. But that’s exactly what recently happened to a
In fact, the black bear actually broke into the car and caused significant
, according to
ABC7 Chicago
This story just goes to show you should always make sure you have proper
car insurance
for every possible situation.
A black bear broke into a Tennessee man’s car and caused significant damage.

Tennessee bear breaks into a car

In the video, Joseph Deel can be seen opening the car door, which is when the bear emerges.
Deel and his friends can be heard yelling at the bear as it steps out of the car and looks around briefly before making its way into the woods.
But apparently the bear wasn’t done after that. Deel also reportedly said that the bear later returned with another bear, and tried to get back into the car.
At that point, Deel went back outside and yelled at the bears to get them to leave. The bears then left the car and moved to the backyard of the cabin Deel was staying in with friends before eventually leaving.
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Car damage and getting insurance involved

But the trouble wasn’t over for Deel.
As he was driving home from his vacation, his car ended up breaking down due to the damage caused by the bear.
Deel had no choice but to abandon his car, and he said that his insurance took two days to get a tow truck to his car.
But his bad luck didn’t even end there, as he told news outlets that during that time, looters broke into his car through a back window. They reportedly stole his catalytic converter, battery and exhaust manifold.
His car insurance ended up cutting his car at a loss and
totaling it

Comprehensive car insurance for animal damage

It’s not known exactly what type of car insurance Deel has, but
comprehensive coverage
typically will pay for damage to your car caused by an animal.
Unlike other types of car insurance, comprehensive coverage pays for any damage caused by something other than a collision with another driver.
Most lenders will require you to have comprehensive car insurance, in order to protect the company’s investment.
But even if you’ve paid your car loan off, you should still consider having comprehensive car insurance.
In addition to damage caused by an animal, comprehensive car insurance also typically covers natural disasters, fire, vandalism, car theft, fallen objects like trees or branches, and a broken windshield or glass damage.

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