How to Find an Audi’s Radio Code

To find your Audi’s radio code, open up your glove department and get ready to press some numbers!
Written by Elaine Yang
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To find your Audi radio code, look in your glove department and owner’s manual for a five-digit number. If you can’t find it, you also can use your VIN and stereo serial number to look it up
Picture this: you’ve gone through the trouble of replacing your Audi’s battery, but when you’re driving your car home from the repair shop, you can’t seem to turn on your radio. It’s asking you for a code—and won’t play music in the meantime. 
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Why your Audi needs a radio code

You may not think that a car radio needs a security code. It’s attached to your car after all. Surprisingly, radios are actually one of the most frequently
stolen vehicle
components—who would have thought? 
To prevent thieves from breaking into your car and stealing your radio, a radio code prevents its use until you are able to input a unique five-digit code. Your radio will ask for this code when it has been disconnected from your battery, but it can be irritating to deal with if you can’t find the code for your own Audi. 

How to find your Audi’s radio code

As a failsafe, Audi has designed a couple of different ways you can fix this issue. The simplest solution is to hold down your radio’s power button for a couple of seconds. This should reset your radio most of the time. 
If your radio continues to ask for a code, you’re going to need to take a look in your glovebox and owner’s manual. Try to find something labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code”—your radio code will be five-digits long. 

How to look up Audi radio codes

If you can’t find it, you’re going to need to do some more digging for your
vehicle identification number (VIN)
and the radio serial number. 
First, your Audi’s VIN can be found on your insurance or registration documents. You also can look at the bottom of the driver's side window. 
For some models, you can find your serial number on Navi units at the bottom of the infotainment screen. For others, you’re going to need to take out the radio and look for a label attached to the side. To properly take out the radio, make sure to consult your Audi’s owner’s manual. 
Once you have your VIN and your serial number, you can find your Audi’s radio code by: 
  • Calling (800) 822-2834
  • Visiting your Audi dealership
  • Visiting your mechanic

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