2021 Marks Vespa's 75th Anniversary—and They're Still Trendy as Ever

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
One of the most iconic vehicles in
isn’t a car. Instead, a scooter brand has become a worldwide household name for its smooth ride and impactful style. We’re talking about the Vespa, and the brand has just reached a major milestone.
2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the Italian Vespa, and the company is celebrating the occasion. According to
, scooter enthusiasts will be able to buy a limited edition model in honor of the brand’s birthday.
Vespa scooters are one of the most iconic vehicles in Europe.

Vespa was a sign of recovery following WWII

Vespa's story begins in 1946 in post-World War II Italy, a country that was looking to rebuild. The iconic scooter design came from Corradino d'Ascanio, who wanted to create a technologically intuitive vehicle that also stood out in appearance. What he created would become bigger than he imagined.
The design and smooth ride of the Vespa immediately captured the attention of riders. The floorboard of the scooter allows riders to casually rest their feet while riding, and the Vespa's front guards against the wind. Even the name Vespa, Italian for wasp, captured the buzzing of the engine and the fun of the vehicle.
Italy's streets were the perfect homeland for the Vespa. Riders found that this new mode of transportation was convenient and easy. This scooter sensation took over Italy and beyond.
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Vespa became a symbol of mod fashion

By the 1960s, Vespa had become more than just a scooter. Vespas became a staple of the mod fashion scene that began in London and spread elsewhere. For younger people, the Vespas provided inexpensive transportation and gave them a sense of freedom.
Outside of being the vehicle of choice, the Vespas themselves became a sort of fashion symbol. Those in the mod scene customized their Vespas with different colors and symbols and added additional mirrors to the scooters.
As Vespa continued to be important in the fashion world, designers took notice. This has led to collaborations with renowned names in fashion that have continued to this day. Vespa has worked with brands like Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

Celebrate the anniversary in style

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To commemorate the anniversary,
announced a limited edition scooter. The Vespa 75th Anniversary GTS300 Limited Edition is an eye-catching tribute to the scooter's past and future.
The special edition Vespa has a metallic gold color scheme inspired by classic designs. The number 75 is proudly painted on the side of the vehicle as another tribute to the important milestone. In keeping with the fashion of the Vespa, it also comes with an Italian scarf, a perfect accessory for a ride.
Those interested in the 75th anniversary Vespa should act now, as they will only be made during 2021. The starting price of the special scooter is $7,949.
Since starting in the recovering streets of post-war Italy, Vespa has become a global icon. From its success in Mod culture of the 1960s to its continued following today, Vespa combines transportation with style. This fashionable history is highlighted with the limited Vespa models.
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