Western States Fire Protection Review

Western States offers fire protection services like sprinkler and alarm installations for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Western States Fire Protection offers fire protection services like sprinkler and alarm installations and inspections for residential, commercial, and industrial properties alike. 
You hope it never happens to you, but you can never completely rule out the possibility of a fire occurring in your home. And considering your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life—and holds your most important items—you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared.
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, is here to give you the rundown on fire protection service providers. Read on to learn about the services Western States Fire Protection offers and how you can use fire protection to save on your home insurance policy. 
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What type of business is Western States Fire Protection?

Western States Fire Protection is just what it sounds like: a fire protection company that offers its services throughout the western United States.
The fire protection company got its start in 1985 with two locations: one in
, and the other in
St. Paul
. In 1987, it expanded to
Los Angeles
. By 1989, it became an
APi Group
subsidiary and continued expanding from there.
Some of
Western States’
primary services include: 
  • Fire sprinkler system installation
  • Fire alarm and fire detector installation, services, and inspections
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Security system installation
  • Fire protection from special hazards
  • Fire system inspections
  • System services and repairs
  • Fire system and safety training
Western States Fire Protection isn’t just confined to the United States’ far west. It has more than 30
in 23 states, including
, and
to the west and as far east as states like

What fire protection services does Western States offer?

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the five main services that Western States offers:
  • Fire sprinkler systems: Western States can install, service, and inspect a variety of different fire sprinkler systems to protect your residential, commercial, or industrial space. These include wet pipe systems, which have water already in the system’s pipes on standby for activation, dry pipe systems, which use nitrogen gas in areas where pipes could freeze, deluge systems, which are activated by smoke or heat detectors, and pre-action systems, which operate as a combination between a wet and dry pipe system.
  • Alarm systems: Trained technicians can install, service, and inspect fire alarm systems, as well as security systems. They specialize in brands including Honeywell, Gamewell, System Sensor, FCI, and Silent Knight.
  • Inspections: Inspection services are offered for all kinds of fire protection products and systems. To name just a few: fire alarm and sprinkler systems, kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems, fire hydrants, fire pumps, backflow devices, and antifreeze systems.
  • Service and repairs: Routine inspection and servicing are offered for a variety of fire protection systems for industrial, commercial, and residential structures.
  • Special hazards services: Western States offers services for systems in high-hazard facilities that have substantially higher risks for fire, like chemical and CO2 suppression systems. 

What makes Western States Fire Protection’s services unique? 

Just a few elements that make Western States stand out among other fire protection service providers are their industries covered as well as environmental and safety standards.

Industries covered

While certain fire protection services may only cater to one particular industry, like residential or commercial, Western States offers fire protection services for commercial, industrial, and residential industries alike. 

Environmentally conscious approach

Western States Fire Protection strives to seek out ways that make it continuously more environmentally friendly. These include approaches that help reduce water waste and reduce waste on work sites.
Western States also contribute to several
-registered projects, which is a certification system that recognizes “green” buildings. 

High safety standards

Western States says it prides itself on its high safety standards that can help protect employees and clients alike. That includes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) 10- and 30-hour training programs, pre-planning projects to reduce risks, and task-specific training procedures.

Memberships and affiliations

Memberships and affiliations with organizations that have high standards can help establish a business’s credibility. Western States Fire Protection’s memberships and affiliations include the National Fire Sprinkler Association, LEED, the International Facility Management Association, and the General Service Administration.

The downside: coverage area limits

Western States fire protection services currently has over 30 locations and counting in 23 states. Covering nearly half the United States might not exactly be a “limited” range, but if you live in the eastern United States, you’ll need to look elsewhere for fire protection services.
Another consideration to make is that while customer reviews generally voice a high level of satisfaction with the fire protection services Western States offers, as with any business, some locations could have a higher quality of service than others.

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

If you’ve installed a fire protection system in your home, your insurance provider might reward you with a discount on your premium.
Why is that? Having fire protection in your home means you’re more likely to minimize the damage that a fire could cause, which also means reduced rehabilitation costs—and that’s something an insurance provider loves to hear because it means less risk to their end.
The fire protection
you could earn will vary based on your insurance company, so you’ll want to check with your own provider to see what they offer. Common fire protection discounts include: 
  • Fire alarms that automatically alert emergency services, reducing response time
  • Home fire sprinkler systems
  • Living in a home with fire-resistant building materials
  • Having
    smoke detectors
    and fire extinguishers 
Another fire safety perk that could earn you a discount: living near a fire station. In theory, this implies that a fire department can respond quickly if your home experiences a fire, therefore reducing how far the fire could spread.
In case you ever do experience a house fire, here are some insurance coverage options you’ll want to look into to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs:
  • Main dwelling coverage: Your dwelling coverage should be enough to rebuild your home and any additional structures if they became a total loss due to a fire or another disaster. 
  • Personal property coverage: This will help replace personal possessions that were in your home up to a certain amount. Your rare or valuable items may need their own separate coverage, depending on your policy, so make sure you know what your policy protects before a disaster happens.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: Also known as loss of use coverage, this helps cover expenses like hotel rooms and meals if your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a named peril in your policy. 
  • Liability coverage: This coverage can help cover legal costs if you’re determined to be liable for the cause of a fire. 

How to save money on homeowners insurance

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