Milwaukee County, WI Property Taxes

The Milwaukee County property tax rate is 2.24%, making the average annual payment $3,707.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, the average tax rate is 2.24%, meaning Milwaukee County residents pay an average of $3,707 in property taxes every year. 
While homeownership is an exciting milestone to reach for many Americans, it also comes with some less exciting responsibilities, like paying your annual property taxes. Every homeowner in the U.S. has to pay property tax, but with different rates, processes, and payment methods depending on which state and county you live in, navigating property taxes can be tough. 
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Property tax 101

If you’ve never had to pay property taxes or just need a reminder, here's a brief overview:
  • You’ll pay property taxes on real property, or land, buildings, and homes
  • A local tax assessor determines your property tax rate based on your property’s market value and your local tax rate
  • Property taxes aren’t fixed, so they may change depending on market conditions and local budgets

What is the property tax rate in Milwaukee County? 

Milwaukee County’s average tax rate is 2.24% of a property’s assessed market value, which is significantly higher than Wisconsin’s average property tax rate of 1.76%
You can expect to pay around $3,707 in property taxes per year based on the Milwaukee County average. 

How Milwaukee County property taxes are determined 

In Milwaukee County, property taxes apply to real property in the county’s taxing districts. This is typically at the county, school district, and city levels.
Milwaukee County’s local district boards calculate a budget for public services they’ll provide for that year. From there, the county levies property taxes to ensure they meet the budget. Then, the
Milwaukee County Comptroller
determines a property tax rate for each district. 
Milwaukee County Assessor
determines your property’s worth based on its current market valueonce tax rates are established. The property tax in Milwaukee County is 2.24%of this valuation, on average.
If you’re unhappy with your property assessment and you’d like to appeal it, the best way to do so is by
contacting the Assessor
during the established “open book” assessment timeframe from the fourth Monday in April to the third Monday in May. The Assessor will give you an appeal form to fill out and return by the end of the open book period to reassess your property’s value. 
Milwaukee County offers property tax exemptions to some households based on different programs available and whether you meet eligibility requirements. You can check out
Milwaukee County’s Tax Exemption page
if you’re interested in requesting a property tax exemption. 

What do Milwaukee County property taxes pay for? 

Milwaukee County uses property taxes to fund a variety of services, including the following: 
  • Roads and transportation
  • Police
  • Public health
  • Public safety 
  • Infrastructure safety
  • Public libraries
  • Public schools and community education 
  • Waste
  • Emergency services
  • Public housing

How to pay property taxes in Milwaukee County 

Most Milwaukee County property tax bills are mailed out on December 3 each year. You can choose to either pay your taxes in one payment or three installments. 
In most municipalities, your payment due date is January 31 if you opt to pay in full. If you choose the installment option, your installment payment dates will vary, but typically are at the end of the month in January, March or April, and May, June, or July. For example:
  • First Installment: January 31
  • Second Installment: April 30
  • Third (Final) Installment: July 31
The Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office only collects
delinquent property tax payments
from 2017 and prior years for all municipalities in Milwaukee County, except for the City of Milwaukee. To pay delinquent taxes, you can pay online, by mail, or in person at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. 
Other municipalities in Milwaukee County have similar payment methods, but you’ll want to reach out directly to your town’s Treasurer. If you live in the City of Milwaukee, here are your options for payment:
  • Pay online: You can use the City of Milwaukee's
    online payment portal
    to easily pay your property taxes online. There’s a 2.75% convenience fee for debit or credit transactions. 
  • Pay by mail: You can mail a check using the return remittance envelope included with your property tax bill. 
  • Pay in person: You can pay by enclosing a check in the return remittance envelope using the drop box either inside City Hall on the Wells Street entrance or outside the Municipal Building on Market Street. 
  • Pay over the phone: You can call the Milwaukee County Customer Services Division at 414-286-2240 to pay over the phone. You’ll be charged a 2.75% convenience fee if you use debit or credit to pay. 

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In most municipalities, if you’re paying the full amount all at once, your taxes are due on January 31. If you’re paying in three installments, the dates will vary. You’ll want to reach out to your individual town or city to determine your property tax due dates.
Yes! You’ll receive a receipt directly after you pay online or over the phone. If you paid by mail or drop box, you’ll receive a receipt 10 days after the County Treasurer processes the payment.
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