Wayne County, North Carolina Property Tax

Property tax rates in Wayne County North Carolina average 0.83%, considerably lower than the national average of 1.1%.
Written by David Ghanizadeh-Khoob
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The median tax rate in Wayne County North Carolina is 0.83% of the assessed value of the property. This amounts to a median of $866 per year.
Paying property taxes is just a part of the expenses of owning a home. They are useful for helping to fund community services, but the dynamic nature of the bills can make it hard to understand how much you have to pay, and where that money goes.
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Property tax 101

Municipal and county-level governments use property taxes as a means of collecting money from people who have bought real estate in the community in order to help fund local projects and services.
Here are some basic property tax facts:
  • Property taxes are assigned by local governments, and so the money collected goes to fund initiatives at the local level
  • Property taxes apply to real property like land, businesses, and homes. Property taxes once used to be based on the resident’s income but is now determined by the value of the property
  • Property taxes are calculated by your local tax assessor using the fair market value, or the value your property would sell at in the current market
  • Due to the use of fair market value, the assessed value of your property is recalculated every few years. As well, local tax rates evolve over time based on community needs. This all means that property taxes change year to year.

What is the property tax rate in Wayne County?

The median property tax rate in Wayne County is 0.83% of the assessed fair market value. So, a property valued at the median of $104,800 amounts to an average of $866 per year.
This is quite a bit lower than the national average of 1.1% and just above the state average of 0.78%.

How Wayne County property taxes are determined

Calculating property taxes in Wayne County starts with the Wayne County Assessor's Office. Every few years they will assess the state of the real estate market and assign a fair market value for each property.
This fair market value then gets multiplied by the levied taxes for the location of the property. Your property can fall into a number of jurisdictions that collect a portion of the taxes paid. Each of these organizations will assign a “millage” based on their needs and agreed-upon tax practices. These include municipal and county governments, but also school districts, fire districts, and many other community-run programs and organizations.
The total tax levies for your home will depend on its location.
If you believe that your home’s assessed value is incorrect, you can apply for a tax appeal. To do so you will have to contact the Wayne County Assessor’s Office with the reason for your appeal and any supporting documents.
To offer property tax payment assistance, Wayne County offers a
homestead exemption program
for people over the age of 65 or that have a disability who live in their property and that meet certain income requirements. 

What do Wayne County property taxes pay for?

Property taxes are intended to help fund local services and public works. As a result, the money is mostly allocated to local initiatives such as:
  • Public schools
  • Municipal debt services
  • Public spaces like libraries, parks, and museums
  • Public health and safety services
  • Public housing
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire services

How to pay taxes in Wayne County

Wayne County taxes are collected by the
Wayne County Tax Department
. Payments are due upon receipt and considered delinquent after December 31 of the tax year.
There are three ways to pay your taxes:
  • Online: Taxes can be paid online through the
    VDS online payment portal
  • By mail: Taxes can be paid by mailing to the collector’s office at Wayne County Tax Collector, P.O. Box 1495, Goldsboro, NC 27533. 
  • In-person: Payments can also be made in person at the collector's office at 224 E Walnut Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530

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Property taxes are technically due upon receipt but are not considered late until after December 31st.
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