Life Safety Fire Protection Review

Life Safety offers a variety of fire protection services to help keep your New Hampshire homes, businesses, and belongings safe. Here’s what to know.
Written by Elaine Yang
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Life Safety Fire Protection
offers fire protection services to a variety of
New Hampshire
businesses and residents.
According to the
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
, a fire occurs in a building every 64 seconds. As fire damage is so unpredictable, you’ll want to protect yourself by purchasing the right insurance plan and installing appropriate fire protection equipment. Life Safety offers commercial and residential customers safety equipment and services that can help prevent substantial property damage and personal injuries. 
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What type of business is Life Safety fire protection?

For over 30 years, Life Safety has been providing New Hampshire residents and businesses with quality fire protection services. 
Life Safety’s services include: 
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Testing and inspection
  • Maintenance
If you’re in New Hampshire and are looking to protect yourself and others from fire damage, Life Safety is perfect for your needs. 

What fire protection services does Life Safety offer?

Life Safety’s fire protection services fall under six categories: 
  • System design: If you’re looking to build a unit or install fire protection systems into your building, Life Safety will work with you and bring their expertise to the project. 
  • Installation and maintenance: Once you’ve finalized your design plans, their experienced technicians will ensure the system is installed properly. 
  • Testing and inspection: Whether you’d like to set up an inspection agreement, book a general inspection, or require emergency services and repairs, Life Safety has you covered. These services are designed to reduce your need for emergency services
  • Fire sprinkler system service: Life safety offers a variety of fire sprinkler systems, including wet, dry, and pre-action/deluge
  • Fire extinguisher and suppression system service: Life Safety can provide guidance and regular maintenance to ensure your fire extinguishers, emergency lights, exit lights, and fire suppression systems work as needed.
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What makes Life Safety’s fire protection services unique? 

Life Safety stands out as a top-rated fire protection service provider in New Hampshire. They are committed to providing single-family, multi-family, and commercial markets with quality safety systems. 

Experience and expertise

While Life Safety started only servicing the residential market for fire protection, they have expanded into the commercial market and have amassed over 30 years of experience
Whether you’re looking into fire protection for your family home, high-rise condo, affordable housing unit, or even refurbishing a neglected old building into a commercial center, Life Safety has the expertise to provide you with the right system. 

24/7 emergency services

Life Safety knows that installing these fire protection systems can be costly and that their presence could potentially prevent mass fire damage or even injury. As a result, they provide their customers with repair and emergency services any time of the day. 

Inspection agreements

To mitigate or prevent emergencies, Life Safety can set up an inspection agreement to save you the hassle of setting up appointments yourself. This service includes:
  • Priority service response
  • Automatic inspection scheduling
  • Single or multi-year agreements
  • Competitive pricing by committing to a partnership with Life Safety Fire Protection
  • Multi-service discounts

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

A study done by the
National Fire Protection Association
found that in 2020, firefighters responded to 1,338,500 fires across the US. This resulted in over $21.9 billion in property damage. Moreover, around 25% of all homeowners insurance claims are for fire damage. 
To protect your home and safety, insurance can help reduce your costs through:
  • Main dwelling coverage, which reimburses your costs associated with rebuilding a fire-damaged home. 
  • Personal property coverage, which covers expenses resulting from damaged personal belongings, like furniture, electronics, and other items. 
  • Additional living expenses coverage, which absorbs costs like hotel bills, take-out, and other expenses should your home become unlivable after the fire.
  • Liability coverage, which reimburses you for expenses you may face if you are found to be liable for starting a fire that damaged other people’s property. 
To protect yourself and reduce your expenses in the case of a fire, you’ll need to invest in the right insurance policy. Homeowners insurance costs an average of $1,393 per year, and renters insurance typically costs around $168 per year
You can lower your insurance rates by reducing your home’s perceived risk of a fire. One way to do this is to
install fire protection systems
such as those offered by Life Safety.
Fire safety equipment can save you money if you:
  • Set up a fire alarm that alerts emergency services directly 
  • Have a sprinkler system to prevent major fire damage 
  • Pick fire-resistant materials when building a house
  • Purchase
    smoke detectors
    and/or fire extinguishers 
Be sure to get in touch with your provider to talk about your options and potential saving opportunities. Or if you’d like to look for a new provider, the car and home insurance app
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How to save money on homeowners insurance

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