How to Choose a Utah Home Warranty

A home warranty in Utah can bring the cost of appliance repair and replacements way down, but some warranty plans are predatory.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A home warranty can be an easy and inexpensive way to get coverage for your
home’s appliances and systems, but many service contracts contain fine print that will severely limit your coverage options. 
From property taxes and appliance repairs to grocery shopping and cleaning schedules, being a homeowner is an expensive and time-consuming responsibility. As a Utah homeowner, severe thunderstorms and wildfires may add to the list of potential threats to your home. 
In addition to
homeowners insurance
, many homeowners opt to purchase a home warranty that covers the cost of repairing appliances that malfunction due to worn-out parts and aging.
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What is a home warranty?

A home warranty acts as a service contract for the repairs and replacements of home appliances and systems. The contracts usually span one year, and you’ll pay a monthly fee to keep your warranty activated. 
If an appliance (e.g., refrigerators and dishwashers) or a home system (e.g., HVAC or plumbing) breaks down, you’ll pay a service fee to your home warranty company, and they will cover the repair or replacement. 
Even with the monthly payments and service fee, using a home warranty generally comes out to be much cheaper than paying for your repair on your own. 

Home warranty vs. home insurance

This may sound very similar to home insurance, but there are some key differences between these two types of policies. 
Home insurance will cover both your home’s contents (including appliances and systems) and its entire structure. However, if one of your appliances breaks down from old age rather than one of your policy’s
listed perils
, your home insurance will not cover the repair. 
In contrast, a home warranty plan is designed to help pay for things that break down due to normal circumstances. Home appliances and system components typically fail at a certain age, so home warranties cover their repairs and replacements with that in mind. However, there is controversy surrounding home warranty plans because of the gray areas in their contracts.
If it is determined that your appliance or system broke down due to misuse and “owner negligence” rather than real wear and tear, your claim will be denied and you’ll be left to cover the repairs yourself. 

Do you need a home warranty in Utah?

A home warranty isn’t required in the state of Utah. However, a home warranty may be a good thing to purchase if: 
  • You’re a new homeowner and don’t know much about the components of your new systems
  • You don’t have the financial cushion to pay for unexpected major repair bills—especially if we’re talking HVAC systems during the cold Utah winters and hot Utah summers. 
Keep in mind that you’ll need to do your homework if you’re going the warranty route. There are many predatory agreements out there that give the home warranty business a bad rep. You don’t want to sign onto anything that will take your money then fail to deliver when it’s time to get repair work done.

How to choose a Utah home warranty

If you decide to purchase a warranty for your Utah home, don’t sign on to the first plan you find. You’ll save money on the coverage you need if you compare plans from at least two to three companies
Check out the table below for an in-depth comparison of five of the best home warranty companies in Utah. Remember to make sure you understand all aspects of their warranties, including any exclusions and limitations.
Monthly payment
Annual premium
Service fee
States not covered
BBB rating
What it’s best for
Choice Home Warranty
Fast response times, basic plan covers both systems and appliances
American Home Shield
Longest reputation, highest coverage limits, lower chance of service denial
Select Home Warranty
Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Wyoming
Discounts and response times
Liberty Home Guard
Washington, Wyoming
Best customer service, tons of coverage add-ons
Home Service Club
Fast coverage, no waiting period

The pros and cons of home warranties

Ask around and you’ll hear very different stories about home warranties. To some people, they’re the best investment they could have asked for. To others, warranties promise nothing but headaches in return for their hard-earned cash. 
The benefits and drawbacks of a home warranty will depend on your financial situation, your preferences, and the exact terms laid out (or hidden) in the contract. Consider these pros and cons when deciding whether a home warranty is right for you.

Pro: Takes the guesswork out of hiring contractors

One of the perks of having a home warranty is that when something breaks, you immediately know who to call. You won’t have to search through (and vet) a bunch of contractors and repair people to get the service you need.  

Pro: Less need for an emergency fund

Since home appliances and home systems make up some of the most expensive home maintenance costs, people without home warranties may have to set aside a large emergency fund to handle any repairs that come up. 
People with home warranties, however, pay considerably less in repair costs because they’ll just have to fork over the small service fee rather than pay thousands of dollars for a new air conditioning system. 
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Con: You won’t deal directly with contractors

It may be ideal for some to have their repair person sent to them rather than choosing one themselves, but this can be a major frustration for others. Since your home warranty company will be the one selecting and directly communicating with the contractor, there is ample room for miscommunication and an overall slow or unsatisfactory process

Con: Low coverage limits and high service fees

Home warranty plans have caps on the amount customers can use towards a repair or replacement, typically between $500 and $5,000. It can get quite expensive to replace a major home system or appliance, and if your coverage cap is below the fixing price, you may not get the payout you expected. 

Con: Warranty companies can deny coverage

If there’s one drawback to home warranties that gets the most attention, it’s that companies may deny your coverage based on claims of “owner negligence”
Warranty plans specify that repairs needed due to negligence won’t be covered, and companies may exploit this limitation to the consumer’s detriment. 

How to find affordable homeowners insurance in Utah

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The average annual cost of a home warrant in Utah is between $300 and $960, but the exact price you’ll pay depends on the details of your home and which coverage plan you choose.
Home warranty contracts in Utah typically span one year, but you can find longer agreements too.
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