Duval County, Texas Property Tax

The Duval County, Texas property tax rate is 0.83%, making property taxes here considerably less than the national average.
Written by Matthew Lynaugh
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The average tax rate in Duval County, Texas is 0.83% and residents pay an average of $440 a year in property taxes. 
If you own a home you are going to have to pay property taxes, plain and simple. Tax rates fluctuate all across the country and even all across each state. With so much variance, understanding your tax responsibilities can be difficult.
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is here to simplify the tax code in the area you call home. We will discuss Duval County’s property tax information, including when and how to pay your taxes in one of
southernmost counties.
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Property tax 101

If you’re new to property taxes, here are the basics: 
  • Property taxes are designated by local government to pay for public works and community services such as law enforcement, schools, fire safety, and hospitals
  • Most property taxes apply to real property like land, buildings, and homes
  • Property taxes are determined by a local tax assessor who calculates rates based on market values and a local tax rate
  • Property taxes remain in flux based on local budgets and market conditions
In essence, property taxes are how local governments collect funding from the people that live in the community.
What is the property tax rate in Duval County? 
Duval County’s average tax rate is 0.83% of assessed home values—considerably lower than the 1.81% state average. Based on this rate, you can expect to pay $440 in annual property taxes.
For a detailed breakdown of Duval County property taxes, feel free to visit

How Duval County property taxes are determined

Duval County uses a complex formula to calculate the taxes of properties. 
Property taxes are set by the
tax assessor
on a property-by-property basis and managed on a county level by the tax assessor’s office.
Duval County Property Tax Assessor determines the property tax owed based on the fair market value of each individual home or property. Each property is then assessed yearly to see if any improvements would increase its appraised value, thus raising its property taxes.
If you believe your property’s value appraised by the Duval County Tax Assessor’s office is incorrect, you have the right to appeal and request a reappraisal. You also may qualify for a
Homestead Exemption
, which would lower the appraised value of your home, and lower the taxes owed.

What do Duval County property taxes pay for? 

Duval County directs proceeds from property taxes to fund a number of local services, including the following: 
  • School districts
  • Public transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Municipal government projects
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire protection
  • Libraries
  • Playgrounds
  • Public health
Property tax revenue is used to fund local projects and services only and rarely goes toward the federal or state budget.

How to pay property taxes in Duval County 

Duval County property taxes are due January 31 of the year following your property’s appraisal. Late penalties are then applied on February 1, and then additional penalties on July 1 if they still have not been paid.
Taxpayers in Duval County can pay their property taxes online, by mail, or in person. Choose which works for you using these steps:
  • Online: You can pay your property taxes quickly and easily by electronic check, or
    credit or debit card
    —just be aware a convenience fee will be added. The charge will appear as “Govolution” on your statement
  • Mail: Send checks to Duval County Appraisal District: P.O. Box 337, San Diego, TX 78384-0337
  • In Person: Make your way to 100 S. Bexar St. San Diego, TX 78384-2929 and drop off your payment

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The average annual cost of property taxes in Duval County is $440—well below the state and national average.
You can find your tax statement by going to the Property Tax Account Lookup application. If you have not received your statement by November 1, you should call 972-547-5020 during business hours.
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