Champion Fire Protection Review

Champion fire protection can maintain or install specially designed fire protection systems for commercial, multifamily, and residential buildings.
Written by Lindsey Muszkiewicz
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Champion fire protection
offers commercial, residential, and multifamily building services for the installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire protection systems. They can also provide things like fire extinguisher inspections and training. 
Based on reports from the
National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA), just some of the top causes of in-home fires come from cooking, electoral wiring, and candles, which explains why fire damage is the third most common claim type in the US. It also means having adequate fire protection is essential, which is where Champion can help.
For a full breakdown of Champion’s services—and a few quick tips on how you can save money on
homeowners insurance
just by adding fire protection to your home—keep reading!
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What type of business is Champion fire protection?

-based fire protection company can provide a wide range of services, from installing fire sprinklers and alarm systems to things as small as training you how to use fire extinguishers.
Primarily servicing areas around
in the Peach State, Champion has been designing, installing, and maintaining fire protection systems for residential and commercial buildings for over 30 years. Their commercial sector specializes in warehouses, hotels, office buildings, and schools.
Some of their main services include: 
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring
  • Fire pump installation, certification, and maintenance (critical for distributing water in sprinkler systems)
  • Fire extinguisher installation, recharge, and live training
  • Fire hydrant testing 
From hotels and churches to schools, stores, and your home, Champion has you covered in installing specifically tailored fire protection systems to the surrounding areas of Savannah, Georgia.

What fire protection services does Champion offer?

Champion's fire protection services focus on two main categoriesmaintenance and inspections for your current fire alarm and sprinkler systems or designing whole fire protection systems to meet individual needs. Here’s how they differ: 

Maintenance and testing

  • Extinguisher and hydrant inspections:
    Champion techs
    can help with visual and physical inspections of your fire extinguishers to keep you up to code. They also can test your fire hydrants to make sure they work properly should they ever be needed.
  • Sprinkler system testing: Champion can test and service your existing sprinkler system to ensure it’s operating properly, whether it’s to fix an unexpected problem or help you stay compliant. This includes checking your backflow prevention devices and sprinkler's water pressure.
  • Fire alarm monitoring: Champion can implement a system to connect directly with local monitoring services, which can prevent fire-related (and insurance claim) disasters.
  • Fire extinguisher training: Having extinguishers isn’t enough—you need to know
    how to use them
    ! Champion professionals can come directly to your place of residence or business and give you the chance to practice on a live, controlled fire.

Installation and design

  • Sprinkler engineering: All of Champion’s design is done in-house with their
    NICET certified
    team. This includes designing all the necessary items for a sprinkler system, such as backflow device installation or fire pumps that make sure there’s always enough pressure to deliver water where it’s needed.
  • Fire alarms: Champion can update preexisting systems or even help you design your own. They offer cost-effective fire alarm systems and accessories for new construction or can retrofit existing structures.
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What makes Champion’s fire protection services unique? 

Champion is a jack of all trades when it comes to who they’re able to serve. This means that no matter who you are—a business, apartment landlord, or just a resident—they’re dedicated to providing top-tier services to keep you safe.

Commercial services

Whether you just need a quality fire protection company to inspect and maintain your existing fire safety systems or are looking for a whole new design, Champion’s NICET-certified team can provide you with comprehensive services.
Champion can specifically comply with your company's insurance requirements to conduct annual, semi-annual, and quarterly scheduled inspections, depending on which you need. They also are ready for emergency calls and can make any necessary repairs discovered during inspections.

Multifamily services

Champion has a multifamily residential team that specializes in everything from townhomes, apartments, lofts, and condos, to Savannah’s historical bed and breakfasts. Make sure your friends, family, and neighbors are kept safe by having Champion look after your property with fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections. 
They also have over 30 years of experience designing and installing fire protection systems specifically for these buildings!

Residential services

Having home sprinkler systems can reduce the risk of home fire deaths and decrease fire damage by as much as two-thirds to your home. Champion can either install or update your fire systems for the ultimate protection within residential homes and buildings.

The downsides: limited specialties 

Although Champion fire protection is a great starting place for the basics of fire safety, they don’t offer as many niche services as larger companies might. For things like fire-door installation and inspection or acquiring emergency exit signs, you’ll need to expand your search elsewhere.

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

Everyone likes a good meal—but did you know that cooking causes up to 49% of reported home fires? This simple everyday task is responsible for half of all home fires, which is why having robust homeowners or
renters insurance
policies on fire coverage is one of the best ways to save.
Recovering from a fire can be financially devastating, and only makes a traumatic experience worse if you aren’t adequately covered. Here’s how that insurance could help you in the more-than-likely event you experience a house fire:
  • Main dwelling coverage goes toward helping rebuild after a fire.
  • Personal property coverage for a home or rental property can be used to replace furniture, clothing, and other important belongings that get damaged.
  • Additional living expenses coverage can cover the costs of hotel rooms, takeout, and other expenses if your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable.
  • Liability coverage
    covers legal costs in the off chance you’re found at fault for causing the fire. 
Adding all this additional coverage though won’t come cheap. The average annual cost of homeowners insurance is close to $1,400, while renters insurance can be more affordable at about $170 per year. But
installing fire protection systems
can lower your level of fire-related risk—which in turn will lower your insurance premiums. 
One way insurance companies assess risk is by taking your home’s fire safety into account, including things like your address’s distance to the closest fire station, but that’s often not something you can change or control. However, there are several tips and tricks you can use to earn discounted rates: 
  • Install a fire alarm that contacts emergency services directly, as this can shorten response time.
  • Consider adding a sprinkler system to lessen fire-related damage (having both smoke alarms and sprinklers can really protect your family, reducing fatalities by 82%).
  • Install
    smoke detectors
    in each room with regularly checked batteries, and add fire extinguishers to high-risk areas (like the kitchen).
There are a ton of
different discounts
out there that vary by company, so ask your insurer to see what options are available. If the cost of added protection makes your wallet wince, you can consider comparing rates and discounts from multiple companies for the best deal (a

How to save money on homeowners insurance

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