Is the Toyota Highlander a Plug-In Hybrid?

Although the 2023 Toyota Highlander comes in multiple hybrid trims, none of them are plug-in options.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The 2023
Toyota Highlander
comes in a whopping 11 trim levels, five of which are hybrids. However,
hasn’t come out with a plug-in hybrid version of this midsize crossover SUV just yet. 
When it comes to eco-friendly vehicles with great fuel economy, plug-in hybrids—also called PHEVs—are all the rage. Compared to a standard hybrid, a PHEV usually has a more powerful electric motor and a larger battery, producing more power to use for passing, accelerating, and merging. This often leaves potential car buyers asking if their favorite vehicle comes with a plug-in hybrid option. 
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, has created this handy guide to Toyota Highlander hybrids. While you can’t currently buy a Toyota Highlander plug-in hybrid, we’ll discuss the benefits of PHEVs and even suggest a few PHEV alternatives! 
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Does the Toyota Highlander have a plug-in hybrid trim?

Unfortunately, no. The 2023 Toyota Highlander comes in 11 different trim levels—five of which are hybrids—but none of them are PHEVs. 

Toyota Highlander hybrid options 

The 2023 Toyota Highlander does come in five hybrid trims. Each will still offer increased fuel economy compared to the gas-powered trims. The base-level hybrid—the
Hybrid LE
—has an estimated starting MSRP of $41,000, while the top-of-the-line
Hybrid Platinum
will cost buyers an estimated $10,000 more
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Toyota Highlander Alternatives 

If you love the style and price point of a Toyota Highlander but are specifically looking for a plug-in hybrid, consider one of these three alternatives.

2022 Lincoln Corsair Plug-In Hybrid

Starting MSRP: $50,330
Annual Fuel Cost: $1,350
Fuel Efficiency: 78 MPGe / 33 mpg
Let’s start with the most luxurious (and the most expensive) option. The 2022
Corsair offers a PHEV setup as part of its top-of-the-line Grand Reserve trim. You’ll benefit from all of the bells and whistles associated with a souped-up high-end SUV.
The Corsair PHEV features a turbo-four engine and two electric motors that combine to produce 266 horsepower. Add in all-wheel drive, and you’ve got a capable vehicle that offers an extremely comfortable, reliable driving experience.
Inside, you’ll be greeted by genuine leather upholstery, wood trim, 24-way power-adjustable front seats, a user-friendly 8-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot, heated front seats, a hands-free power liftgate, and much more.
Finally, the Lincoln Corsair earns exceptional ratings for safety and predicted reliability—meaning it’ll save you gas money for years to come.

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Starting MSRP: $39,800
Annual Fuel Cost: $1,000
Fuel Efficiency: 94 MPGe / 38 mpg 
If you love the Highlander, why not stick with Toyota and simply opt for a different SUV in its lineup? The 2022
Toyota RAV4
Prime is the PHEV version of the trusty compact SUV. And you won’t be sacrificing too much in terms of size with a RAV4!
Although the Highlander is clearly the bigger option, the RAV4 isn’t far behind. For the exterior size, the Highlander has an overall length of 197.4 inches and a wheelbase length of 112 inches. In comparison, the RAV4 has an overall length of 181.5 inches and a wheelbase length of 104.7 inches.
The Prime trim level offers an impressive 42 miles of electric-only range and standard all-wheel drive. It performs better than the gas-powered and standard hybrid RAV4, too. You’ll feel the engine’s 302 horsepower, compared to just 203 and 219 in the other variants.
Plus, you’ll be able to cash in on the $7,500
EV federal tax credit
, thanks to the large size of the RAV4 Prime’s battery pack. 

2022 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid

Starting MSRP: $33,075
Annual Fuel Cost: $950
Fuel Efficiency: 105 MPGe / 40 mpg
If affordability is your main concern, go with the 2022
Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid
. Not only does it have the lowest sticker price, but it’s also got the lowest fuel costs out of any other SUV on our list.
This Ford PHEV has an all-electric range of 37 miles, and it’s highly efficient whether you’re using gas or electric power. You will sacrifice a bit of the Escape’s utility by upgrading to the PHEV trim level, though—namely, its cargo capacity and towing capacity. 
Inside, you can comfortably fit five passengers, with a second row that slides back to increase legroom for tall people. The standard technology package includes fun features like an 8-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Is a PHEV worth it?

As we mentioned, PHEVs have a larger battery than regular hybrids, so they can be driven farther and more often on electric power. We like to think of plug-in hybrids as the intermediate option between standard hybrids and all-electric vehicles.
While benefits include phenomenal gas mileage and even a federal tax credit, there are a few downsides to purchasing a plug-in hybrid. 
In general, they tend to be more expensive than standard gas-powered or hybrid vehicles. Additionally, the plug-in components often reduce the overall cargo space of the vehicle. Finally, just like full-electric vehicles, charging can be a challenge.
Thus, whether you should select a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle truly depends on your lifestyle. If you are willing to spend the extra cash up front and have access to off-street parking where you can install a vehicle charger, a PHEV may be a worthwhile purchase! 

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