What Is Tesla Track Mode?

Tesla Track Mode gives Performance Model 3s modifications that enhance handling and performance on closed circuit driving courses.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Tesla is known for its various gimmicky modes that excite children and Tesla-fanatics alike—and then there’s Tesla Track Mode. Unlike Tesla’s slew of Easter egg modes, Track Mode is a performance mode for the Performance Model 3 Teslas that enhances the handling of your Model 3. 
, the trustworthy super app for car owners, is taking a look at Tesla Track Mode today: what it is, how to turn it on, and which Teslas have it. And before you go, we’ll give you our not-so-secret tips on lower your
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What is Tesla Track Mode? 

Tesla’s Track Mode, available only for Performance Model 3s, is actually designed for closed circuit driving courses. Tesla warns drivers that it is their responsibility to drive safely and legally at all times—including when Track Mode is activated. 
Track Mode modifies traction control, stability control, cooling systems, and regenerative braking to enhance the handling and performance of your Model 3 when driving on the track. The modifications improve your Model 3’s cornering ability and allow your cooling system to run during and after aggressive driving so that your car can handle the excess heat.
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How to turn on Tesla Track Mode

The process for just turning on Tesla Track Mode is pretty simple. On your Tesla display, hit Control, then Pedals & Steering, and then Track Mode. You’ll know Track Mode is successfully on when you see TRACK appear on the touchscreen above your driving speed—as well as a Track Mode pop-up window on the map. 
But that’s not all—Tesla Track Mode is customizable, making it a dream setting for performance-driving fans. Click on the Track Mode pop-up window on your map and then click Track Mode Settings. You’ll be able to adjust the following categories: Handling Balance, Stability Assist, Regenerative Braking, Post-Drive Cooling, and Save Dashcam for Laps

How long can you leave Tesla Track Mode on?

Theoretically, you can leave Tesla Track Mode as long as you want—but it absolutely sucks the life out of your battery. When Tesla Track Mode was on, it drained 250 miles of range from a Model 3 battery in just 30 minutes—that’s about four times as fast as simply driving on the highway. 
And remember, Track Mode is always disabled when you start Model 3, meaning you’ll have to reactivate it each time you start up your Model 3 and want to use it. 

Which Teslas have Track Mode? 

Tesla Track Mode is only available for the Performance Model 3—and that’s because the Performance Model 3 is the only Tesla with performance brakes and tires that can handle the modifications made by Track Mode. 

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You can, but you shouldn’t—Tesla Track Mode is specifically designed for use on closed circuit driving courses.
Maybe! Your Tesla Model 3 only has Track Mode if it is a Performance Model 3, since the Performance model is the only one equipped with performance tires and brakes that are able to handle Track Mode’s modifications to your handling and performance.
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