What Is the Maximum Tesla Model X Range?

The 2022 Tesla Model X comes with a maximum driving range of 348 miles, which is available on the base Long Range trim.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The driving range of the
2022 Tesla Model X
electric vehicle (EV) gets a maximum range of 348 miles on a single charge.
The Tesla Model X hit the market in 2015 as the crossover version of the
Model S
sedan. Years later and with dozens of competitors in the EV game, Tesla still hovers at the top of the list. However, with a $100,000+ price tag, it’s not for everyone. What it lacks in affordability, though, it makes up in excellent range.
How does the range of different Tesla Model X years and trims compare—and how do they compare to competitors?
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2022 Tesla Model X range

The 2022 Tesla Model X has a top range of 348 miles, which comes with the base model—formerly known as the Long Range trim. This exceptional range—one of the highest on the market today—is made possible by a 100 kWh 410 V lithium-ion battery and two electric motors, producing 532 hp together. 
The base model of the 2022 Model X has the longest range, but the Plaid trim is where the power is. With three motors, the Plaid gets a staggering 1020 hp—but it pays for it in range, getting 333 miles on a single charge. 
While these ranges are impressive compared to most electric vehicles, a few older Model X trims offer slightly better ranges—most notably, the 2020 Model X Long Range Plus with 371 miles on a single charge. 
The Model X may not have the 412-mile range of its cousin, the Model S Long Range, but it still boasts the highest range in its crossover genre. The average American work commute is just 16 miles, which means if you’re driving the 2022 Model X, you could get to work and back for around three weeks before you need to charge your car
For most Model X drivers, the impressive range is the biggest draw. Let’s see how models and trims over the last couple of years compare to each other.
Year, configuration, & trim
Maximum range
2022 Model X Long Range (base)
348 miles
2022 Model X Plaid
333 miles
2021 Model X Long Range
360 miles
2021 Model X Performance
341 miles
2021 Model X Plaid
340 miles
2020 Model X Long Range
328 miles
2020 Model X Long Range Plus
371 miles
2020 Model X Performance
341 miles

2022 Tesla Model X charging time and fuel economy

When you’re looking to buy an electric car, driving range is just one major factor to consider—another is charging time. Charging time can make or break a vehicle’s potential and practicality. After all, who wants a car that requires more time to charge than its worth? 
If all you have to charge your Tesla Model X with is a 110-volt wall outlet, you can expect it to take 20 to 40 hours to fully charge—but who has that kind of time? If you have access to a 240-volt/Level 2 charger, your Model X can charge in about 13 hours (or 8 hours with a 72A power charger connector). 
Teslas also come with the ability to connect with a Tesla Supercharger, which will get you an 80% charge in only 20 minutes
When it comes to fuel economy, the 2022 Model X is rated to get up to 109 MPGe in the city and 101 MPGe on the highway—the highest out of its genre, according to the EPA. 

How does the Tesla Model X compare to its competitors?

When it comes to high-end electric crossovers, the Tesla Model X has a handful of competitors, including the
EQB, the
, and the
Starting price
Driving range
Level 2 charging time
0 to 60 time
Average repair cost
IIHS rating
Tesla Model X
348 miles
About 13 hours
3.3 seconds
Audi Q4 E-Tron
241 miles
4 to 10 hours
7.6 seconds
Tesla Model 3
272–358 miles
8 hours
3.1 seconds
Top Safety Pick+ / Good
324 miles
Under 12 hours
4.0 seconds
Jaguar I-Pace
From $69,900
234 mi battery-only
12.6 hours
4.5 seconds
Mercedes-Benz EQB
260 miles
11.25 hours
6.0–7.8 seconds
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Looking across the past few year models and trims, the 2020 Model X Long Range Plus lives up to its name by offering 371 miles on a single charge.
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