Tesla Is Selling An In-Car Karaoke Mic

Tesla is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to the driving experience. Now, they’re making a name for themselves in… the music industry?!
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
It's hard to deny that our cars are simply a mode of transport and nothing more. Part of this vehicular fondness is due to the private, comforting nature of the four-wheeled space that allows a level of self-expression we might not get in other areas of our lives. 
Whether belting out a diva’s ballad to remind ourselves we’ve got this job interview or just humming along to a familiar jingle, our cars are always there as nonjudgmental listeners. Now,
helping car serenaders in China sound better than ever. 

A new kind of update

is the first physical product released in tandem with their wireless Chinese new year software update. It was available for purchase on the company's website for ¥1,199—roughly $188—but sold out within minutes.
A purchase comes with two microphones that sync up to the Tesla Caraoke program—now updated with new music and singing modes on the Leishi KTV platform. Options can be navigated on the center console touch screen, which is also where song lyrics are displayed for the singer(s).
In adverts for the product, Tesla shows a man and woman singing together in their parked car, and also shots of the same pair dueting by a campfire mere feet from their Tesla. Yes, the system does enable the user to perform within a certain
outside of the car, although the limits of that range haven't been made clear yet.
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Is the TeslaMic only the beginning?

Even though it's only been released in China, Tesla recently filed for many
trademarks in various national markets, suggesting that TeslaMic could be coming to an EV near you.
The company has also been the recipient of high praise for its Model S audio systems recently, even earning comparisons to the premium
Bang & Olufsen
systems often installed in luxury vehicles. This has led some to posit that the audio trademarks could be for more than just the Mics, especially since Tesla has recently
its non-car-related merch on its website. (Available for purchase using credit, debit, or Dogecoin.)

Meals, coffee, and more on wheels

For those who are tone-deaf or don't have the account balance to snatch up a Tesla, don't worry, there are plenty of unusual options within your budget that will work in any ride: how about a
French fry holder
, or Hello Kitty exhaust cover? (That'll mitigate the ugliness of tailpipe emissions, at least.)
Believe it or not, espresso makers for on-the-go drivers are not unusual. For the tea-lovers among us, you have
as well. For those who prefer to stick with luxury cars with a Nineties Toyota budget, check out Lamborghini’s scented candles. Supposedly they
smell like undercarriage.
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