New AI Will Be Released Soon for Teslas

Tesla is banking that its latest AI will be one step closer to the fully autonomous driving that they’ve been chasing.
Written by Preston Charles
Reviewed by Serena Aburahma
Oct 18, 2022
If you valet park cars for a living,
wants you to start looking for a new job. All eyes were on
Tesla’s AI team
at this year's AI Day as they talked up new features for their ultra-smart cars. 
The buzz surrounding more realized autonomous driving technology has been building for some years and is largely led by the EV giant. From what was revealed at the event, leaps and bounds seem to be being made.

One of Tesla’s new AI: Park seek

Picture this; it’s Black Friday. The mall is jammed but the sale is too good to pass up. Instead of driving around for half an hour looking for a parking spot while your anxiety increases, what if you could just get your Tesla to drop you off at the mall entrance and rely on it to go find a spot? 
Introducing Telsa’s Park Seek, formerly known as Reverse Summon.
“When you arrive at your destination, simply step out at the entrance and your car will enter park seek mode, automatically search for a spot, and park itself. A tap on your phone summons it back to you,” Tesla wrote. 
While the first iteration of Reverse Summon experienced its fair share of real-world problems, Tesla engineers were confident on AI day that those were being ironed out. 
Many Tesla users have put forward the idea of wanting a multimode Park Seek. 
One mode would have the Tesla park in the closest spot, another would have it park in the spot closest to the cart return, and a third would have it park in the furthest spot, away from other cars so as to avoid any dings or scratches. 
Time will tell but this seems like something Musk and co might have up their sleeve.

A more accurate FSD mode

Tesla is adamant about
advancing its Full Self-Driving
stack. Between them, and companies like Google and Motional, it has a bit of the race to the moon feeling to see who will have the best, most capable autonomous vehicle first. 
Tesla’s Manager of Autopilot Motion Planning, Paril Jain, touched on some possibilities that would likely be part of the integrated FSD stack during AI Day 2022. 
“We do expect to also include the parking lot stack as a part of the FSD stack before the end of this year. So, that will basically bring us to you sitting in the car in the parking lot and drive till the end of the parking lot, at a parking spot, before the end of this year,” the executive said. 

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