CNET Was Left Optimistic About the Future of Cadillac in the Age of EVs

Cadillac and its line of EVs have really been turning heads this year. What does CNET like the most about Cadillac’s InnerSpace concept?
Written by Eric Gilley
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
is a classic American car brand, and just like other car brands, Cadillac is preparing for the future of automobiles. Concept cars like the
Porsche Mission R
may never enter production, but they're still a good way to see what a brand thinks the future will look like. Here's a look at why CNET felt optimistic after Cadillac unveiled its three concept EVs.

Is the Cadillac InnerSpace the future of cars?

According to
, the InnerSpace is the "showstopper" of the three concept EVs that Cadillac showed off. It has a very nice interior and exterior, and it features a roof that will open with the doors so that passengers can easily step in.
The InnerSpace, much like the other two concepts, is supposed to be fully autonomous, but that may not be its coolest feature. Inside the cabin, it has a huge, 9-foot long curved infotainment screen. That's equal to 108 inches, which is much larger than the screens cars come with nowadays.
Not only does the InnerSpace have a huge screen, but it also features some renewable or recycled features. For example, the fabric on the seats is made from bamboo, and it also uses a mineral-based leather alternative. These features could be great additions to future Cadillacs, even if the InnerSpace never gets produced.
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The Cadillac PersonalSpace is straight from the future

The PersonalSpace, on the other hand, is the car from the future that many people have dreamed of. That's because it's a flying car. It has four rotors, and like the other concepts, it's also an EV.
It's capable of VTOL, which means that it can take off and land vertically. It has a top speed of 55 mph, and like the other concepts, it's also supposed to be fully autonomous.
Cadillac envisions the PersonalSpace as an air taxi that can fly you over traffic and take you to where you need to go. Since that's the job that Cadillac envisioned for the PersonalSpace, it naturally doesn't have many seats. In fact, it only has one seat, which should give the passenger a lot of personal space.

The Cadillac SocialSpace is a fun vision of the future

The PersonalSpace offers the most personal space you can want, but the SocialSpace does the opposite. Like its name might imply, the SocialSpace is meant for socializing. It's a minibus that is, like the other concepts, both an EV and fully autonomous. 
The SocialSpace has room for six, and like the InnerSpace, its interior is an optimistic and exciting vision of the future. The SocialSpace has biometric sensors that can adjust the cabin's settings to match what the passengers want. For example, those sensors can adjust the temperature, the humidity, and even the aromatics inside the cabin.
Since the SocialSpace is minibus that's meant for socializing, there's of course also plenty of room for drinks. There's some specialized cup holders and some coolers, too. Its big feature, however, is the "humidifire," which is a fireplace that's not actually on fire. It uses LED lights to help create the illusion of a fire, which could be a fun thing to have in future Cadillacs. 

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