The 10 Best Chrysler Cars of All Time

There have been a ton of memorable Chrysler cars throughout the years, such as the Town & Country Minivan and the long-lasting New Yorker.
Written by Sean Boehme
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Chrysler has been producing fantastic cars since early in the twentieth century. Many of those cars, such as the Chrysler New Yorker or Chrysler Town & Country, were able to span decades and set the standard within their class. 
Since its official founding as Chrysler Corporation in the 1920s, the
brand has seen a lot of changes and has produced a lot of different cars. Modern cars as we’ve come to know them would not be the same without Chrysler’s innovative spirit.
If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane and learn about some older cars, you’re in the right place! Let's break down the top 10 most iconic Chrysler cars of all time.
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What makes an old car great?

Everyone looks for something different in a car, whether it's a modern offering or
a classic
favorite. Because of the subjective nature of evaluating cars, the best way to go about making this list is to dissect what might make a Chrysler great. 
For many of the cars on this list, we’ll let their longevity and popularity do the talking. For others, historical significance or notable innovations might earn them a spot. Finally, when it comes to modern cars, we’ll focus on how they represent the Chrysler legacy.
Of course, you should keep in mind that many of these cars are better served as collector's pieces rather than actual used Chryslers that you should look into purchasing. 

10. Chrysler Saratoga (1939 to 1952): an overshadowed icon

Not unlike modern times, early Chryslers tended to keep luxury in mind. The midsize Saratoga had nearly a two-decade run, which was interrupted only during World War II. Throughout its life, it
with some of Chrysler's other offerings as the premier car in the lineup
The Saratoga came equipped with an eight-cylinder engine that, frankly, gave it more power than it needed, and both the
sedan and coupe
body types are a great representation of cars from the period. 
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9. Chrysler 300 (2005 to present): the modern throwback

As the only modern car on this list, the
Chrysler 300
probably has some explaining to do.
As you’ll quickly find, the Chrysler 300 took its inspiration from many of the older cars on this list. The 300 has always been a performance-oriented type of car similar to its predecessors, and the most modern models of the car have only focused more on power.
Yes, the 300 is on this list in part thanks to its beefy engine options and recent track record. But more than that, it’s here because it shows that what made the earliest Chryslers special can still keep drivers interested today.

8. Chrysler Windsor (1939-1961): the New Yorker’s humble cousin

What could be considered a “budget” option when compared to Chrysler’s other offerings, Windsors saw plenty of use from drivers throughout the 40s and 50s. The Windsor may have never offered the power that older Chryslers were known for, but that didn’t keep it from staying in production until the early 60s.
The Windsor offered drivers their pick from a wide range of body types, and that kind of versatility only added to the car’s popularity.

7. Chrysler Newport (1965-1978): modern movement at a decent price

The Chrysler Newport has been around since the 40s in some shape or form, but the model years produced in the late 60s and throughout the 70s helped to move Chrysler towards a more modern era
The truth about the Newport is that, when compared to all of Chrysler’s luxury toys, it was simply more affordable. Like the Windsor, the engine was limited, but it was still considered a capable car with a good-to-great driving experience.

6. Chrysler Town & Country Minivan (1990 to 2016): the family-friendly icon

We know, we know—when you think of the greatest cars in history, a regular old minivan probably doesn’t come to mind. But the truth is that the Town & Country was far from the average minivan and it is a huge reason why Chrysler is the go-to brand for so many families.
Although the Town & Country had a 26-year run, it’s probably best remembered for models from the late 90s and into the aughts. The minivan’s spacious and comfortable interior made it a joy for passengers, and even the driver could get a surprising amount of enjoyment out of such a smooth ride.
Chrysler’s new minivan,
the Pacifica
, has done a really good job of carrying on Chrysler’s legacy, so you shouldn’t be surprised if it crops up on some lists like this one in a few years.

5. Chrysler 300C (1955): power and style all in one

American drivers in the mid-twentieth century were still trying to figure out what they wanted out of their cars. How did Chrysler respond? They decided to pack everything into one car, and so the Chrysler 300 letter series was born.
Perhaps the most iconic of the letter series was the first of the bunch, the 300 C. Packed with power, this car had a 0 to 60 time which hovered near or even below 10 seconds—but it still had enough control for drivers to handle it with ease.
On top of all that punch, the Chrysler 300 C had a flashy exterior and luxurious leather interior. The combination of power and appearance offered by the Chrysler 300 C was the top of the line when it was in production.

4. Chrysler Town & Country station wagon (1941 to 1988): looks funky, feels comfy

Long before the Town & Country minivan you know today, amid the Second World War, the Town & Country station wagon was born. This unique-looking ride offered luxury for eight passengers when it first launched in 1941 and continued to evolve well into the 80s.
Sure, its exterior probably hasn’t aged too well if you’re a fan of modern car design. But for a car to last as long as the Town & Country did, it had to consistently deliver amidst rising expectations. When it comes to larger luxury cars, the Town & Country had a hand in setting the standard.

3. Chrysler Imperial (1957 to 1964): automatics with some power

Although the Chrysler Imperial was produced in some shape or form starting in the 20s, models from the late 50s and early 60s are some of the most memorable of the bunch. It should come as no surprise that enthusiasts will pay a premium to add one of these cars to their collection.
Outside of an automatic transmission that was revolutionary at the time, the V8 engine that these Chrysler Imperials packed was both powerful and light, making it a favorite for thrill-seekers. 

2. Chrysler Six B-70 (1924): new beginnings

The first Chrysler car ever produced, the Moden B-70, did not disappoint. The B-70 is the earliest produced variation of the Chrysler Six line, which would remain available well into the 1930s
The B-70 was a sedan that offered buyers a high number of options, perhaps the most iconic being the roadster. An innovative car for its time, the Model B-70’s
advanced braking
system and respectable powertrain allowed Chrysler to get off to a hot start in the world of cars.

1. Chrysler New Yorker (1946 to 1996): the unquestioned champion

The New Yorker is the greatest Chrysler car of all time, and its longevity plays a big part in that distinction. Standing strong for six decades, Chrysler slowly tinkered with the New Yorker as competitors did everything they could to outmatch it
Starting as simply a variation of another vehicle, the New Yorker began standing on its own not long after the end of World War II. Luxurious in nature, the car generally allowed its top-of-the-line powertrain and ever-growing popularity to do the talking. 
Alas, all good things must come to an end. After years of shifting and shrinking, mostly throughout the 80s and early 90s, the greatest Chrysler of all time fizzled out
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