Is My License Plate Frame Legal in Alaska?

Alaska drivers can have license plate frames and covers just as long as the license plate is free of any dirt, debris, or non-transparent covering.
Written by Kevin Martinez
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Alaska drivers can customize their license plates using decorative frames or covers—but be mindful that they don’t cover any critical information, such as your plate number or registration sticker.
Anytime you add a sticker or personalization to your car, it can make it feel that much more aligned with your personality. While frames and covers can be a great way to advertise a business, support your favorite sports team, or even show off some of your interests, it’s essential to be aware of your state’s policies regarding what can go on your plate.
Remember, many states have specific frames that aren’t allowed—the same applies to covers. If you fail to follow your state’s frame laws, you could be subject to some pretty heavy fines.
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Yes—Alaska drivers are allowed to install license plate frames. However, ensure that your frame does not obstruct or hinder any crucial information on your plates, such as your license plate number and registration sticker.

What are the rules for license plate frames in Alaska?

According to
Section 9.52.030
of the Alaska Vehicle Registration and Licenses Code, drivers may not operate vehicles with license plates that are obstructed by dirt, debris, a tinted or shaded cover, or any other non-transparent covering.
This essentially means all parts of your license plate must be visible. Additionally, ensure that your license plate is clean, well-maintained, and adequately displaying essential details. If your frame does not hinder your plate’s visibility, it is considered legal and is permissible by law.

What about license plate covers?

Much like frames, license plate covers are allowed in Alaska. Keep in mind, however, it must be a clear plastic cover—no other colors are allowed. As long as your license number is visible, you should be good to go.
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What are the fines for license plate frames in Alaska?

If you fail to follow Alaska’s license plate frame laws, you may be let off easily with a warning or told to remove the frame or cover if it’s a first-time offense. However, make sure you rectify the issue right away, because if you don’t, you could be subject to a citation the next time.
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