These Are the Secret 2021 Subaru Key Fob Tricks You Need to Know

Learn the tricks and tips for your 2021 Subaru key fob.
Written by Sarah Williams
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Not only does the 2021
key fob have an exciting keyless entry feature–there is a small old-fashioned key hidden inside the fob in case of emergencies! 
With all the fun features that come with your 2021 Subaru, it can be easy to miss out on everything you can do with your key fob. Seemingly small and insignificant, you need your key fob to access most functions in your car. 
Whether it’s unlocking your doors or accessing your gas tank, check out this guide on all the features of the 2021 Subaru key fob by
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How to find the hidden key in your 2021 Subaru key fob

You may have wondered how to unlock your Subaru if the car battery or fob battery dies. At first glance, it seems like an area where technology has failed us. Believe it or not, there is a traditional key hidden inside your 2021 Subaru key fob. 
To access this key, flip your key fob over and press the button on the back. This will release the secret key, and you can pull it out with the loop for your keychain. You’ll find a standard keyhole in your driver’s side door handle–and you’re good to go! 
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How to replace your 2021 Subaru key fob battery 

2021 Subaru key fobs come in a rectangular shape, an update from older models’ teardrop shape. To replace the battery in one of these newer Subaru key fobs, you’ll need to purchase a 2032 battery
Using your metal key or a flathead screwdriver, open the key fob and look for the battery inside. It will be small, flat, and round. You can then release the old battery from the little tabs and insert the new one, facing the same direction as the old one. All that’s left is to put the key fob back together.
Unfortunately, with the new rectangular Subaru key fobs, you have to take them to a Subaru dealership for programming. 

2021 Subaru key fob basics

Each 2021 Subaru key fob has four buttons that perform various functions. Let’s walk through each button and its functions from the top down: 
  • Lock: press once to lock all the doors or three consecutive times to set your alarm. The interior lights should go off after the second click. 
  • Unlock: this button is often the Subaru logo with one large star and five small stars. Clicking it once will unlock only the driver’s side door. Click once more to unlock the other doors and the gas lid. 
  • Hatch: click and hold to open or close the hatch. 
  • Alarm: click once to turn on the alarm and once more to turn it back off. 

How to use your 2021 Subaru’s keyless entry 

One of the coolest features of the 2021 Subaru key fob is its keyless entry. 2021 Subaru’s have proximity sensors around the vehicle that will sense if the key is nearby. In other words, no more digging through your purse to find your keys! All you have to do is approach the vehicle with the key, and it will automatically unlock the car once you’re within a few feet. 
There are also small lines on the top and bottom of the driver’s side door handle that you can touch to lock and unlock the car (as long as the key is in proximity!). 

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Some earlier models had trouble with their Subaru key getting stuck in the ignition, leading to a recall in 2019. As of yet, there haven’t been any 2021 recalls for Subaru keys getting stuck in the ignition.
If you happen to come across this issue it’s worth reaching out to your Subaru dealer. You can also try charging your car battery, jiggling the steering wheel, checking the shifter, or greasing your key.
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