These Are the Secret Honda Key Fob Tricks You Need to Know

Your Honda key fob grants you access to much more than your car door. Learn the secret Honda key fob tricks you need to know.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Akey fob grants you access to your vehicle with the click of a button. You already know that. But did you know there are several other Honda key fob hidden functions? Learn how to push the right buttons and unlock an entirely new driving experience.
With each passing year, cars become more and more tech-savvy—from touchscreen dashboards to complicated electric engines to secret key fob tricks. Gone are the days of physical keys… or are they?
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How to find the hidden key in your Honda key fob

New tech is great—until
it suddenly dies on you
. What then? If you’re relying on your car to take you places, an inoperative key fob simply isn’t an option. That’s why within your key fob, lies a good old-fashioned key
Now, this fact is only useful if you know how to access it. So let’s walk you through a little how-to.
If you need to unlock your Honda with a dead key fob, here’s what to do:
  • Locate the tab on the back of the fob.
  • Slide the tab open.
  • Pull the key out.
  • Use the key!
It should be that simple. However, Honda fobs can vary slightly, so you may need to follow an extra step to get your key out. Whatever you do, just be delicate so as to not break your fob. And if you’re having trouble, you can always turn to your owner's manual for some extra guidance.

How to start a Honda when your key fob battery is dead

Now you know you’ve got a key to access your vehicle when in need of a backup to unlock your doors. Unfortunately, though, you can’t use the physical key to start your ignition.
So, what’s a driver to do? Not to worry! Inside the key fob’s tech is a chip that your vehicle can detect even when the fob’s battery is dead. 
To start your vehicle with a dead fob, simply get into the driver's seat like normal. Press your foot on the brake. While you press down on the brake, hold the fob near the START/STOP button. In this position, press the button twice to start your car. And go!

How to enable Honda key fob tricks

Whether you drive the
, or any other
model, your key fob was built to do more than lock and unlock your vehicle. Let’s see what other tricks your fob has up its proverbial sleeve.

Honda key fob basics: remote start, unlock, and lock

Before we move on to some bonus features, let’s quickly brush up on a few of your Honda key fobs other basic functions:
  • To start your Honda remotely, simply click on the remote start button. If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, it should be that easy! 
  • To unlock your Honda, you have two options. Option one: Click the unlock button on your fob. Option two: With the key somewhere on your person, place your hand on the door handle. Once you’ve heard two beeps, the vehicle is unlocked!
  • To lock your Honda, follow the inverse of the steps above (either option). 

How to lower all your Honda’s windows from outside

Time to move on to some party tricks. First up, we’ve got a way to open up your Honda’s windows from outside your vehicle. 
This feature is perfect for cooling down your car on a steamy summer day or airing out an otherwise stinky vehicle before a hot date.
The how-to for this feature can vary by fob, but you’ll follow these steps on most:
  • Whip out your fob.
  • Click the unlock button once—make sure you see your vehicle’s lights flash after doing so.
  • Once the lights flash, click the unlock button again, but this time hold down until you see the windows start to open.
  • Keep in mind that this feature will open your windows and, if you have one, your sunroof as well!
Just as easy as it is breezy.

How to preset memory seats

Sharing a vehicle has many perks. Sharing a driver’s seat, not so much.
We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush. You grab your things and hop into the driver’s seat, only to find your knees smashed against the dash. Or your feet are super far from the pedals. Is this an easy fix? Sure. Is it annoying? Absolutely.
With your Honda fob in hand, you’ve got the magic wand. Look for buttons labeled 1 or 2 on your key fob. These numbers are for presets for your memory seats
To program a preset, simply press the respective button on the inside of the door, adjust the seat to your ideal setting, and voila. Next time, click the number on your key, and your seat will instantly adjust to your liking.
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