Nissan Titan Oil Capacity

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Natalie Todoroff
· 4 min read
If you drive a Nissan Titan, you probably have a solid understanding of the importance of getting a job done right the first time—like getting your oil changed. Before you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you’ll need to get familiar with its engine oil capacity. 
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No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
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Nissan Titan engine oil capacity 

Before we get into oil types and how to change your oil, we’ll first need to know exactly how much oil your Nissan Titan needs. 
The 5.6-liter V8 engine under the hood of your Titan needs 6.9 quarts, or 6.5 liters, of oil to run properly. Be aware that the 6.5-liter and 5.6-liter measurements are not interchangeable.
The 6.5 liters is the oil capacity, which is how much oil you need to pour in during each oil change, while the 5.6-liter number listed with your engine is your engine’s displacement—the volume of space the cylinders take up in your engine. 
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What kind of oil does a Nissan Titan need?

Now that we’ve covered how much oil your engine needs, you can just go and purchase the first 7-quart bottle you see on Amazon, right? Wrong! 
Not all oils are the same, and you’ll need one that meets a couple of different requirements. For the Titan, Nissan recommends that you use SAE 0W-20 oil. 
The 0 and 20 refer to the oil viscosity, or thickness, under different temperature conditions. The W stands for winter, and the 0 before it tells us that this oil maintains a low viscosity at 0°F. Likewise, the 20 tells us that the oil remains thin even at your engine’s toasty operating temperature of 212°F. 
You want an oil with these ratings because it will perform well even in cold weather and be thin enough to not clog up your engine.

How often to change oil on a Nissan Titan

Ok, now we know what kind of oil you need and how much you need to buy. Next question: just how often do you need to change it? 
Nissan recommends that you change the Titan’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles driven. Or if you don’t drive all that much, set a reminder on your phone to change it once every six months
But these are just rough estimates. Sometimes, you’ll need to change your oil a little ahead of schedule. Pay careful attention and look out for the following signs:
  • Motor oil that needs changing is dark brown or black (clean oil is like a cup of tea. Dirty oil is like a cup of soda)
  • Motor oil has a gritty or coarse feel 
  • Weird noises coming from the engine 
  • Oil, smoke, or burning smells coming from the engine 
  • Decreased vehicle performance 
Don't get ripped off!
Estimate repairs near you with GarageGuard™ for free so you KNOW the fair price.
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
5M+Drivers Joined
7M+Cars Garaged

How to change your oil and filter 

Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for: how to change your Nissan Titan’s oil! To start, you’ll need to gather the following essential tools and supplies
  • Socket wrench 
  • Filter wrench 
  • Replacement filter 
  • Drain pan
  • Jack stands 
  • 6.9 quarts of 0W-20 engine oil 
With your materials on hand, complete the following steps: 
  • Park your car on a level surface and allow the engine to run until it reaches its normal operating temperature (this should take about 10 minutes). 
  • Turn the engine off and wait about 15 minutes. While you’re waiting, put your Titan on jack stands and place your drain pan beneath the drain plug and oil filter. 
  • Remove the oil fill cap. 
  • Using your socket wrench, remove the drain plug by turning it counterclockwise and allow the oil to completely drain out onto the pan. 
  • Using your filter wrench, remove the old oil filter by turning it counterclockwise. 
  • Coat the gasket on your replacement oil filter with clean engine oil, and tighten it to between 11 and 15 lb-ft. 
  • Reinstall the drain plug with a new washer and tighten it to between 22 and 29 lb-ft. 
  • Refill your engine with your new oil and replace the oil fill cap. 
After changing your oil, it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement, and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.
Once you’re finished, we’d recommend that you go in with your dipstick to make sure that you’ve added enough and run your engine for a couple minutes to check for any leaks. If you’ve done it all correctly, your car's oil pressure light should flip off.  
Last, but certainly not least: cleanup! Don’t just throw away your old oil or pour it down any old drain. Place it in a sealed container and bring it to your local recycling center so it can be disposed of properly. 

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