Where to Find a Mini Cooper Spare Tire

You can find a Mini Cooper spare tire underneath the car in most models, but some versions come equipped with run flat tires instead.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The Mini Cooper comes with a space-saver spare tire stashed underneath the car—but the sporty Cooper S has run flat tires instead. 
The Mini Cooper is a timeless favorite for its stylish looks and spunky driving, but it’s also a practical car. At an affordable starting price of just $24,250, the Cooper offers great fuel economy and decent cargo space for such a famously tiny ride. And, unlike many new cars, the Mini Cooper comes with a spare tire, making roadside changes an easy matter. 
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Is there a spare in a Mini Cooper?

Yes—most Mini Cooper models are equipped with a spare tire, known as a space-saver tire. The major exception is the sporty
S trim
, which typically comes without a spare. 
If your Mini Cooper comes with a spare tire, you’ll find it stashed underneath the car for maximum economy of space. To access the spare, all you need to do is: 
  • Park your car on a safe, level area away from traffic 
  • Remove the lower floor panel in the cargo space
  • Use the lowering mechanism to release the tire
If you’re driving a Cooper S or an older model that came without a spare, your Mini likely has run flat tires, which are designed to support your car’s weight even after a puncture—so you won’t need to stop and make an emergency tire change. 
But don’t treat those run flat tires as indestructible! You’ll still need to get the tires changed if you get a flat; you’ll just have the freedom and support you need to get to a mechanic safely without any need for roadside maintenance. 
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How to use the spare tire on a Mini Cooper

If you get a flat on your Mini Cooper, don’t panic! Navigate calmly to the side of the road or, if possible, to a level area away from traffic, such as a parking lot. Once you’re safely away from the road, put the car in park and place some heavy objects (think bricks or stones) in front of the front and rear wheels. 
Remove the spare tire by accessing the lowering mechanism through the floor of the trunk. Check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions if you run into trouble. 
Jack the car up, remove the flat tire, and
install the spare tire
on the axle. Remember to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern so that the tire’s snugly attached. 
Take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. The Mini Cooper’s spare tire isn’t designed to carry you a long way—it’s just meant to get you safely to your next destination so you can arrange a more permanent repair. 
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A Mini Cooper spare tire will run you between $185 and $250, depending on what size you choose and which vendor you purchase the tire from.
The spare tire on a Mini Cooper is located underneath the car and can be accessed through the trunk floor panel.
To get the spare tire off a Mini Cooper, just open up the trunk, remove the floor panel, and use the lowering mechanism to get the tire out.
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