Where to Find a Ford F150 Spare Tire

A Ford F150 spare tire is underneath the truck, just in front of the rear bumper. Learn more about accessing the spare tire in this guide.
Written by Rachel Rigolino
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Your Ford F150 spare tire is located underneath the truck, just in front of the rear bumper.  To get to the tire and release it, you’ll need your truck key to take out the lock cylinder from the access hole in the rear bumper. Then, use the jack handle to drop the spare tire. 
The best-selling pickup truck in the United States is the rugged Ford F150, which is designed for getting the tough jobs done but also rides great on the highway. Even the toughest Fords aren’t immune to the occasional
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, however.
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Is there a spare in a Ford F150?

Yes, the F150 does come with a spare, which is slightly smaller in diameter than the regular tires. 
Accessing the spare requires a few steps:
  • Make sure the truck is parked in a level location and secured with the emergency brake on, engine off, and all passengers out of the truck.
  • Locate the jack and tool bag in the compartment behind the rear seat on the passenger’s side of the truck.
  • To remove the jack and tool bag from the back seat, turn the wing bolt on the jack bracket counterclockwise and/or remove the straps holding it in place.
  • Remove the jack components from the bag and assemble the jack handle.
  • Use your truck key to remove the lock cylinder from the access hole in the rear bumper (look to the right of the rear license plate).
  • Insert the jack handle into the guide tube at a slight angle.
  • Go up over the top of the tire until you feel the jack handle latch in.
  • Attach the tire iron to the jack handle and turn the handle counterclockwise to lower the tire.
  • Lower the tire until there is a lot of slack on the guidewire. Reach under the truck to pull the puck out, detaching the tire from the wire.

How to use the spare tire on a Ford F150

After locating and removing the spare, these are the basic directions for changing a flat in your F150. Always consult the owner’s manual for your specific model and year.
Step 1
Locate the wheel diagonally opposite the flat tire. Be sure to **block both the front and rear of this wheel** so that the truck is protected from rolling.
Step 2
On the flat tire, loosen each wheel nut but **do not remove them yet**.
Step 3
Place the jack at the **jacking point** next to the flat tire. Consult your owner’s manual for precise location.
Step 4
You’ll now need to reassemble the jack handle by **inserting the S-hook** into the jack eyelet. Raise the wheel off the ground by **turning the jack handle clockwise**.
Step 5
Using the lug wrench, **remove the wheel nuts** from the flat tire.
Step 6
After taking off the flat tire, replace it with the spare tire. Make sure the **valve stem is facing out**.
Step 7
Reinstall the wheel nuts but do not fully tighten them until the wheel is lowered.
Step 8
Turn the jack handle counterclockwise until the wheel is lowered.
Step 9
Remove the jack and **fully tighten the lugs** in the order shown in your truck owner’s manual.
Step 10
Stow the flat tire and return the jack and tools to their location behind the back seat. Finally, unblock the tire diagonally across from the flat you have replaced.
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Be sure to have the spare replaced with a full-sized tire as soon as possible. While the spare may be very close in size to the other tires on the truck, it is not an exact match. Also, you will want to retighten the wheel nuts to their specified torque.
Finally, Ford reminds users that you should never go underneath a truck that is jacked up with the jack they have provided for changing tires. Do not rely on this jack to hold up the entire weight of the truck. 
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How to save money on car insurance

While it might be tempting to put off replacing your tires for as long as you can, remember that you run the risk not only of a blown tire but also of problems with traction, particularly in wet or snowy weather. Investing in a good set of tires for your F150 will also improve your ride. 
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A tire for your Ford 150 will run you between $180 and $200.
A Ford F150 spare tire is located underneath the truck just in front of the rear bumper. You cannot access it directly from underneath the truck, however.
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