Ultimate MAHLE Oil Filter Guide

MAHLE oil filters are generally considered to be reliable filters offered at approachable prices. Learn more about them here.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
MAHLE oil filters are produced by German manufacturer MAHLE GmbH and are generally considered to be reliable filters that you can find for a reasonable price. MAHLE also offers filter element-only replacement options that can be inserted into the right spin-on housing you already have to help save money and cut down on waste. 
A good oil filter is an essential part of keeping your engine oil clean and protecting your engine from damage caused by oil contaminants. But with so many options out there, picking the right one for your vehicle can prove to be a real challenge.
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How do MAHLE oil filters work?

oil filter
filters out contaminants that would otherwise keep circulating through your car’s oil, like dirt, debris, or metal fragments. Without an oil filter, contaminants like these could end up causing costly damage to your engine.
Like most items, though, an oil filter will gradually become less effective over time and will need to be replaced. When you’re looking for a replacement oil filter, MAHLE is generally a reputable choice. 
Its OX filters give you the option to replace only a filter element rather than the entire filter and its housing, which helps cut down on both costs and waste. The OC filters will additionally contain the filter’s spin-on housing.
Here’s what a MAHLE oil filter is made up of: 
  • Pressure relief valve: Helps prevent clogging to keep oil circulating
  • Non-return flow valve: Prevents filter draining when the vehicle is turned off and helps ensure the engine has enough oil when it’s started again
  • Sealing materials: Help contain contaminants and prevent leaks
  • Element: Otherwise known as the “filter” part of the oil filter
  • Gasket: Rubber O-ring or band that helps prevent oil leaks and keep the filter in place
MAHLE’s Eco oil filters don’t contain metal, which allows them to be completely incinerated so they don’t have to be thrown out.

Are MAHLE oil filters good?

MAHLE filters are considered good quality with reliable filtration abilities at reasonable prices.
MAHLE claims that its filters with cellulose with papers and resins can filter 40% more contaminants than traditional paper ones and can sift out particles as small as 3 to 5 microns from motor oil. 
At a typical auto parts store, you could likely expect to find MAHLE filters ranging in price from as low as $9 to as much as $60
The element in MAHLE’s OX345 D uses a new synthetic material that’s made of plastic fibers rather than paper or cellulose fleece. According to MAHLE, this filter can remove up to 95% of small particles lingering in oil compared to 40% with traditional materials.
The option to purchase can be especially appealing for drivers who want to cut down on waste and save a little money on regular car maintenance.

How long do MAHLE oil filters last?

No matter how good an oil filter is, it’ll need to get replaced at some point. How often you’ll need to replace a MAHLE oil filter will depend on several factors, like the filter material, how old your vehicle is, the driving conditions the oil filter has experienced, and the motor oil that’s being used.
It’s recommended to replace oil filters every other
oil change
, but ultimately it depends on what kind of condition it’s in. You could replace them at every oil change if you wanted, but it’s not always necessary if the filter’s still in good shape.For example, driving short distances can cause more wear on an oil filter and could reduce the number of miles it can last.
At auto parts stores, many MAHLE filters come with a warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. 

Can I change MAHLE oil filters myself?

Changing a MAHLE oil filter is relatively straightforward and something many drivers opt to do themselves, saving a decent amount of cash in the long run. 
The general steps for replacing an oil filter include:
  • Draining your vehicle’s oil
  • Removing the old oil filter
  • Inserting the new oil filter (making sure it’s lubricated)
  • Adding new oil
If you don’t feel comfortable tackling it yourself, a mechanic can always replace your MAHLE oil filter for you. 

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The right MAHLE oil filter depends on what kind of vehicle you drive and what kinds of driving conditions your vehicle is exposed to. Your owner’s manual will tell you the specifications you’ll need to look for in an oil filter, and auto parts stores typically have resources that let you look up an oil filter’s compatibility with your vehicle.
MAHLE filters are produced by German auto parts manufacturer MAHLE GmbH.
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