Ultimate BOSCH Oil Filter Guide

Bosch oil filters are widely considered to be some of the best on the market, especially their Distance Plus filter with 99.9 percent efficiency.
Written by Matt Terzi
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
As one of the most reputable oil filter makers around, Bosch produces affordable oil filters that trap anywhere from 99 percent to 99.9 percent of harmful particulates—up to 29.1 grams of them, actually—and prevent them from doing damage to your engine.
Your car’s oil filter plays a vital role in keeping your oil optimally clean, removing dirt and particulates before they can wreak havoc around your engine. But choosing which oil filter is best for your car can be a challenge, given how many brands are vying for your hard-earned money.
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, the
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, put together this guide. We’ll help introduce you to Bosch oil filters and explain how they work, whether or not they’re good, and which type of filter will suit your needs best.
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How do Bosch oil filters work?

Motor oil lubricates important moving parts within your engine and helps shift heat away from those parts in the process. The oil filter keeps the oil clean by removing dirt and particulates flowing in from the
oil pump
Let’s take a look at what many consider to be the best Bosch oil filter on the market,
the Bosch Distance Plus
, and examine its core components:
  • Case: This external shell keeps everything inside the filter together, and prevents oil from leaking out. The case prevents the oil filter from bursting under pressure. The Distance Plus filter has double the thickness and strength of most oil filters
  • Media: This is the actual filtration part. Most oil filters boast about having 99 percent efficiency, including other Bosch models, but the Distance Plus has an efficiency of 99.9%. They also claim it holds up to 300 percent more dirt compared with other models
  • Anti-drainback valve: This valve prevents oil from draining out of the filter when you turn the engine off. The Distance plus uses a silicone valve that stands up to greater temperature extremes
  • Seal gasket: This is essentially a rubber o-ring that seals the filter in place and keeps oil from leaking out.
  • Base plate: The base plate works in tandem with the case to prevent leaks and bursts. Bosch says their Distance Plus model is rated at 500 psi, which is twice the pressure most filters can resist

Are Bosch oil filters good?

Bosch is a huge supplier of aftermarket car parts, producing everything from wiper blades to disc brake rotors to complex pumps and sensors. Their oil filters are highly regarded as some of the best on the market among both professional mechanics and motorheads alike.
Bosch oil filters earned their reputation simply by offering heaps of quality at a reasonable price (though they tend to be expensive compared with some other brands). Here are some of the factors that contribute to the popularity of Bosch oil filters:
  • Efficiency: Bosch filters range from 97.5 to 99.9 percent efficiency—how much dirt and particulates they keep out—which is a generally higher range than most brands offer
  • Durability: With thicker, more durable cases, seal gaskets, and base plates, Bosch oil filters can handle a whopping 500 psi of pressure, far more than the average engine produces. This is a rating few competitors can keep up with
  • Advanced media: It’s worth mentioning again that Bosch uses an advanced synthetic media that holds up to 300 percent more dirt and grime than the competition
  • Cost: Bosch oil filters are more expensive than most competitors, but the price is still quite reasonable, ranging from around $6 to $20, depending on where you shop and which of their oil filters you’re getting

How long do Bosch oil filters last?

Check your car’s manual to see how often they recommend getting an
oil change
, but as a general rule, you should get an oil change and replace the oil filter every 5,000 miles. Some cars, especially older ones, will need oil changes more frequently—3,000 miles was the old standard for a long time.
Bosch doesn’t specify how long their oil filters will last, but it’s safe to say they should outlast the standard 5,000 miles. You should always change your oil filter whenever getting an oil change, regardless of what manufacturers or self-proclaimed experts online tell you.

Can I change Bosch oil filters myself?

Changing an oil filter is a fairly simple, straightforward procedure—and
Bosch published a helpful video
that explains how to do it! Just make sure the filter is fully compatible with your car before using it.
Key Takeaway Bosch makes what many consider to be among the best oil filters on the market, ideal for any type of driving.

Which Bosch oil filter is best?

Bosch offers a wide variety of oil filters, which may or may not be compatible with your car or truck. Here are some of their popular filters and what sorts of drivers will get the most value from them:
Who should buy it
$6 to $10
These are Bosch’s cheaper oil filters with economy in mind. As long as your car is compatible with this filter, you drive fairly normally, and you get your oil changed regularly, these are great low-cost oil filters that get the job done without all the bells and whistles.
$8 to $10
A great filter that works with conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic motor oils.
Distance Plus
$15 to $20
A high-performance oil filter, built for drivers who push their cars beyond normal conditions. This is the cream of the Bosch crop, with exceptional durability and filtration performance.
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You’ll want to check to see which filters are compatible with your car. We suggest getting one of their premium filters, though the Distance Plus oil filters offer added durability and peace of mind.
Bosch is a German company, but their American division, Robert Bosch LLC, is a sprawling corporation unto itself, with dozens of facilities spread throughout the United States. Bosch formerly had partnerships with other filter producers, but all of their filters made from 2013 on are done in-house.
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