Ultimate FILTRON Oil Filter Guide

FILTRON oil filters are affordable and effective at protecting your engine from dirt and debris, but these European filters can be difficult to find in the US.
Written by Melissa Harvey
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If you’re looking for an affordable oil filter made with quality components, consider a FILTRON oil filter. These filters are made by the world’s leading filtration company and are the original filters used by many automakers. 
While oil filters seem like a simple automotive component, don’t let their size fool you—they play a vital role in your car’s health. Oil filters keep your engine clean and running smoothly. However, the industry feels inundated with so many different brands to choose from—how do you pick the best one? 
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How do FILTRON oil filters work? 

Basically, oil filters work like this: the oil pump forces oil through the filter, removing dirt and debris from the oil. Then the filter directs the cleaned oil back into the engine, providing lubrication to all the moving parts. 
Here’s how a FILTRON spin-on filter uses three types of valves. While the ways the valves work vary depending on your make and model, this will give you a general idea of how it functions: 
  • Metal housing screws the filter onto the engine body. The housing protects the filter from damage and makes it easier to replace. 
  • Anti-drainback valve keeps dirty oil from escaping into the engine when your vehicle is off. The valve is made from a thin rubber membrane attached to the inner side of the filter cover. 
  • Anti-syphon valve also prevents oil from running out of the filter when your engine when your car is off. However, this valve is on the “clean” side of the filter. 
  • Bypass valve increases the oil flow to your engine when under high pressure. This valve will open and bypass your filter membrane, flushing the motor with dirty oil to keep it from running dry. In a pinch, dirty oil is better than no oil at all. 
  • Filter media: this is the part of the filter that does the actual filtration. It allows oil to pass through, collecting any dirt and debris that are part of your engine’s wear and tear. 
Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it! Filters are relatively simple engine components. Dirty oil enters the FILTRON filter, removing engine debris, dirt, and other impurities and returning the cleaned oil to the engine. This process keeps your car running smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles. 

Are FILTRON filters good? 

FILTRON filters are primarily a European brand and can be tough to find in the States. If you come across one made for your make and model of vehicle, it would be worth buying. 
FILTRON’s parent company, MANN+HUMMEL, is the world leader in filtration technology, and these oil filters use advanced filtration technology
MAN+HUMMEL is a large supplier of original filters to several large automakers. If you drive a foreign car, it may have been originally equipped with a FILTRON filter. 
FILTRON filters are strenuously tested and are made from top-quality materials. They design their filters to be an exact match for each make and model they produce filters for—and this goes beyond component size measurements. Every aspect of the filter will perfectly match your vehicle's exact design. 

How long do FILTRON filters last? 

While a FILTRON filter will last beyond your car’s recommended filter change interval, most mechanics would advise you to change your filter as part of your regular maintenance. Your car’s oil filters are best at doing their job when changed regularly. 
You can find your vehicle's oil change interval parameters in the owner's manual. 

Can I change a FILTRON filter myself? 

If you have a spin-on oil filter, you can
change the filter yourself
. Just be sure that you buy a replacement that is the exact match for your car. You don’t want to buy a filter using size alone—it isn’t the only factor determining if a filter will work. 
If you are replacing an oil filter element, it would be best to have a mechanic do it for you, as these filters require special tools and know-how to ensure that the filter is seated correctly in the engine’s housing. 
Key Takeaway FILTRON filters aren’t commonplace in the U.S., but if you can find one that matches your vehicle, they are definitely worth using. 

Which FILTRON filter is the best? 

FILTRON filter
options depend on whether your car uses a spin-on filter or a filter element in American markets. Spin-on filters are more challenging to find, but filter elements are a little more available and will cost between $11 and $15 per filter.  

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The filter you buy depends entirely on the make and model of your vehicle. FILTRON filters are designed to be an exact match with your automobile.
MAN+HUMMEL is a family-own filter maker located in Germany and specializes in making liquid and air filter systems for a variety of industries. MAN+HUMMEL is the world leader in filtration technology and makes everything from coffee filters to automotive oil filters to cabin filtration systems.
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