Kia Soul ! Spare Tire Guide

The Kia Soul Exclaim (!) may not come with a spare tire, but the Tire Mobility Kit is designed to get you back on the road safely in the event of a flat.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The Kia Soul Exclaim (!) doesn’t come with a spare tire, so don’t waste time searching in your trunk. Instead, you can use Kia’s Tire Mobility Kit (TMK) to repair a damaged tire and get back on the road safely. 
Like many car manufacturers, Kia started phasing out spare tires in 2008—the same year that it debuted the Kia Soul, a subcompact crossover SUV with a memorable boxy profile and excellent value. The Soul’s top-of-the-line Exclaim (!) trim, retired after 2018, doesn’t feature a spare tire, but you’ve still got options if you want to be protected on the road. 
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Does a Kia Soul ! have a spare tire?

recently started offering spare tires again in response to customer complaints, the Kia Soul !, which was phased out after 2018, does not have a spare tire. In its place, the Soul ! has a tire repair kit that Kia calls the Tire Mobility Kit. 
You’ll find the Tire Mobility Kit in the trunk of the Soul under the floorboard. The kit contains: 
  • Tire sealant
  • Hoses, cables, and connectors
  • Compressor 
  • Tire pressure gauge
This kit is designed to allow you to patch a damaged tire long enough to get to a Kia dealership or repair shop in order to replace the tire. However, if you’re really looking for the security of a full-size spare tire, Kia does sell a spare tire kit with an optional mounted spare tire that you can stow in your trunk for emergencies. 

How to use the Kia Soul Tire Mobility Kit

If your Soul ! is only equipped with the Tire Mobility Kit, you can use the kit to repair punctures up to ¼ inch in the tire tread. For bigger punctures, or damage to the tire’s sidewall, it’s better to call roadside assistance. 
To use the Kia Soul Tire Mobility Kit, follow these steps: 
  • Pull over to a safe location, preferably a clean, flat surface. 
  • Remove the sticker from the sealant canister and place it on your steering wheel or dashboard. It lists speed information that will help you drive safely once the tire is patched. 
  • Attach the compressor hose to the sealant canister, then connect the sealant hose to the damaged tire’s valve stem. 
  • Insert the sealant canister into the compressor.
  • Plug the compressor in using the extension cord provided and your car’s outlet. 
  • Run the compressor until the tire pressure gauge reads about 35 psi (or the recommended tire pressure listed in your owner’s manual).
  • Turn the compressor off, remove hoses, and store the kit in your trunk before driving to a safe location for a tire replacement. 
If you’re not able to get the tire pressure above 29 psi, the damage is likely too severe to repair using the TMK. If you have
towing and labor insurance coverage
, you can call for help, or use KIA’s roadside assistance program. 

How to find affordable insurance for a Kia Soul !

A flat tire can feel deflating in more ways than one. While the Kia Tire Mobility Kit allows for a quick fix, repairs can be expensive, and in serious cases, a flat tire can even cause an accident. 
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Kia, like other auto manufacturers, phased out spare tires to expand storage space, lighten the vehicle’s load, and improve fuel efficiency
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