Tesla Model 3 Spare Tire Guide

The Tesla Model 3 does not come with a spare tire, but a separate tire repair kit can be purchased.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The Tesla Model 3, like all Tesla models, does not come equipped with a spare tire. While you can purchase a spare tire kit, a more space-effective solution is a tire repair kit. 
Tesla does not offer a spare tire to maximize space. The Tesla Model 3 has great interior space and tons of cargo room, especially for a compact car, and that’s partially thanks to the lack of a spare tire.
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Does a Tesla Model 3 have a spare tire?

The Tesla Model 3 does not come with a spare tire.
Tesla chose not to include a spare tire to maximize interior space and cargo area.
Tesla is not alone in this decision—many manufacturers have stopped providing spare tires.
While you can buy a Tesla Model 3 specific spare tire kit to always have a tire with you, you’ll be sacrificing a lot of cargo space. 
Another great option is to purchase a tire repair kit. These can provide a brief fix to get you back on the road long enough to reach a tire shop or mechanic. While sometimes unavailable due to shortage, Tesla does sell their own repair kits. Or, there are plenty of generic repair kits that should work fine.

How to use the Tesla Model 3 Tire Repair Kit

The Tesla tire repair kit contained just two items—tire sealant and an air pump.
The tire sealant can seal punctures and holes as these can cause your tire to lose air. Cover the hole with the sealant to keep more air from exiting your tire. Remember, this is meant to be a temporary fix to get you to the shop, not a permanent solution.
To use the tire sealant, follow these steps:
  • Remove the tire valve cap and attach the sealant nozzle to the valve. 
  • Press the trigger or turn the switch to begin filling the tire with sealant and compressed air. 
  • You may notice sealant coming out of the tire treads, which means it’s working. 
  • Once filled, you’ll need to drive the car immediately to ensure the sealant is properly dispersed and that the tire is no longer leaking. 
The repair kit also includes a tire pump. If your tire pressure is low, you can use the pump to add air to your tire and continue your journey.
Currently, the Tesla tire repair kit is out of stock due to supply chain issues. Tesla should have a new kit in stock in the coming months. There are also several kits available through online retailers, which are comparable to the Tesla brand repair kit. 

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The Tesla Model 3 does not have a spare tire for interior comfort and cargo space. While a spare tire can be useful, it takes up a lot of room and may never be needed in your car’s lifespan.
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