2006 Nissan Murano Engine Oil Capacity

Need to know the 2006 Nissan Murano engine oil capacity? Look no further.
Written by Matthew Lynaugh
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2006 Nissan Murano is one of the best-selling vehicles in the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog thanks to its design and reliability. If you want to get every last mile out of your SUV, though, you’ll need to understand its engine oil capacity.
Nissan Muranos have proven year after year to be one of the best bangs for your buck, with many of the early models still on the road today. But with all the
wear and tear
that comes with having an older vehicle, those recurring maintenance bills can add up quickly.
is the
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comparison app here to guide you on everything you need to know about performing your own oil changes on your 2006 Nissan Murano. We’ll cover the engine oil capacity, the best oil types, and even how to save on your
Nissan Murano insurance costs
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2006 Nissan Murano engine oil capacity

Before you start crawling under your SUV, let’s discuss exactly how much oil your Murano needs.
The ‘06 Murano sports a 3.5-liter, V6 engine with an oil capacity of 4.2 quarts. (The 3.5-liter part refers to the
engine displacement
, but this is not the volume of oil your engine holds.)
Displacement is the total volume of air and fuel that goes into each of the engine cylinders during one cycle, while the oil capacity is the quantity of oil needed to keep the engine operating properly
Understanding the difference will prevent you from filling up your engine with the incorrect amount of oil.

What kind of oil does a 2006 Nissan Murano need?

Now that we’ve gone over your Murano’s oil capacity (4.2 quarts), we need to cover the most compatible oil type.
When you go shopping for oil, you’ll see a plethora of different options due to the ever-increasing types of vehicles on the road. Fear not, because we have the oil you should look for: SAE 5W-30
This is the oil recommended by Nissan in the Murano owner’s manual, making it the top choice to help extend the life of your SUV.
Let’s break down this oil so you know what you’re feeding your Murano. The “5W” indicates that the oil is moderately thick in cold conditions (“winder”), while the 20 indicates a relatively low viscosity (thickness) in normal operating temperatures. 
In simplest terms, you’ll want an oil that remains thin enough to flow well during a cold morning start-up as well as one that will be thick enough to cool the engine down while it’s running.
  • Nissan recommended: If you wish to follow your owner’s manual, then SAE 5W-30 is for you.
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How often to change oil on a 2006 Nissan Murano

Nissan advises a 2006 Murano to have its oil changed every 5,000 miles to keep its engine running at optimal performance. 
checking your oil
level and keeping track of past oil changes will ensure you are never going too long without refilling your engine with fresh oil. 
If you don’t drive often, you should still change the oil every six months. Oil degrades over time regardless of how often you drive. 
Additionally, you should watch out for these telltale signs that Murano needs its oil changed:
  • The oil’s color has changed from amber to dark brown or black
  • The oil feels gritty or rough
  • You hear unfamiliar sounds coming from under the hood
  • You smell burning odors or smoke coming from the engine
  • There are noticeable changes in your SUV’s performance

How to change your oil and oil filter

The time has finally come—let’s
change that oil
! Start by gathering the necessary materials: a socket wrench, drain pan, filter wrench, replacement filter, and a rag. Of course, don’t forget to have your five-quart bottle of 5W-30 oil handy.
First, warm up the current oil by starting the engine and letting it idle for a few minutes—this will help the oil flow easier. Once this is done, turn it off, pop your hood, and follow these instructions:
  • Set yourself underneath the engine and place your drain pan under the oil drain plug. 
  • Remove the oil drain plug with your socket wrench, allowing the oil to drain out.
  • Unscrew the oil filter with your filter wrench and let any excess oil drain out into your catch pan.
  • Wipe the filter mount clean and use the wrench to install your replacement filter.
  • Tighten the oil drain plug back into place.
  • Refill the top of your engine with the necessary amount of oil.
After changing your oil, it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement, and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.
Once the new oil settles, measure the level with your dipstick and confirm that your
oil pressure dashboard light
is off. Finally, turn your engine back on and check that there are no leaks anywhere.
Now for the cleanup: you should refrain from dumping the contaminated oil onto the ground or into your waste basket. Instead, pour it into a sealable container and drop it off at your nearest recycling center for proper disposal. 

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