Arkansas Speeding Ticket

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If you’re issued a speeding ticket in Arkansas, you’ll have the option to either pay the fine and accept the penalties or fight the ticket in court.
Speeding tickets can range from mild hassles to major financial setbacks. Depending on your situation, you may also be facing scary increases in your insurance rates or suspension of your license.
Every state has different rules and options for drivers and speeding tickets, so it’s important to know your state’s guidelines before dealing with your speeding ticket.
Lucky for you, car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry is here to outline all you need to know about speeding tickets in Arkansas. We’ll look at how to pay your ticket, how to fight your ticket, and ways to reduce your consequences.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Arkansas? 

If you get pulled over for speeding in Arkansas, you’ll be required to show your license and registration to the officer. Depending on the officer—or depending on your record—they may let you off with a warning or go ahead and write you a ticket.
Before you can leave, you’ll have to sign the ticket. By signing, you agree to appear in court on the date listed or to pay your fine by that date. Signing is not an admission of guilt, though—you’ll still get to decide how to proceed. 

What are the fines for a speeding ticket in Arkansas? 

The consequences for speeding can vary, but in general, your first violation can cost up to $100 in fines if you were driving under 15 mph over the limit.
This amount increases if you get more tickets within a one-year span. The fine is also doubled if you’re caught speeding in a construction zone. Driving more than 15 mph over the speed limit can earn you a fine of up to $500. 
The total amount you’ll pay, though, will depend on the severity of your ticket—plus any possible violation surcharges, penalty costs, and court fees. 
Arkansas traffic violations also operate with a point system. The more serious the infraction, the more points are recorded on your driving record. Below are the number of points given for different speeding violations.
Mph over-limitPoints on record
1 - 10 mph3 points
11 - 20 mph4 points
21 - 30 mph5 points
31 or more8 points
If you accumulate 10 to 13 points, you’ll receive a warning letter. Rack up any additional points and you’ll have your license suspended. 
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Options for dealing with a speeding ticket in Arkansas

If you get a speeding ticket in Arkansas, you have four options to manage your ticket. You can: 
  • Pay your fine and plead guilty
  • Plead not guilty and request a trial
  • Appeal your case with the help of an attorney
  • Take an online defensive driving course to avoid points on your record
No matter how you choose to deal with your speeding ticket, make sure to mail your ticket in before the due date. Either pay the fine or appear in court by or on that date, or you could face serious consequences. 

How to pay a speeding ticket in Arkansas

The easiest way to handle a speeding ticket is to just pay the fine if you can afford it. In Arkansas, you can pay your fine online, by mail, or in person. However, your options may be limited by the severity of your violation or the issuing county. 
If you’re paying online, have your citation number and credit card ready. You’ll likely also have to pay a transaction fee. If you’re paying in person or by mail, your traffic ticket will have the details for your payment. 
After your payment has been processed, your case will be closed. The infraction will then appear on your driving record, as well as the ensuing points

How to fight a speeding ticket in Arkansas

If you don’t think you’re guilty of speeding, don’t want the points against your record, or just can’t afford the fine, there are a few ways you can fight your ticket in Arkansas. However, there are no state-wide rules—the available options depend on which county you were ticketed in. 

Plead not guilty in a contested hearing

The first step in fighting your ticket is to contact the court before or on the court date listed on your ticket to notify them that you will be pleading “not guilty.” You may also be able to simply check the “not guilty” box on the back of your ticket and mail it in within five business days.
In some Arkansas counties, the clerk might be able to set your trial date. Other counties may require you to attend an arraignment, where you’ll officially enter your “not guilty” plea before a judge. Only then will the court set your trial date. 
Pro Tip: Pleading “not guilty” puts you on legal record saying that you did not violate the law. That’s why it’s highly suggested to gather any evidence in support of your argument before you go to court.

Request a mitigation hearing

The back of your ticket may have instructions for requesting a mitigation hearing. If you’re actually guilty of the violation, you can request a mitigation hearing to lessen the consequences of your ticket. The results of this hearing could include a fine reduction, a monthly payment plan, or community service. This is a good option if you can’t afford your fine

Traffic school

Arkansas does not officially offer traffic school to dismiss your ticket, but you may be able to petition the court to allow you to enroll in a course to reduce or remove points against your driving record. You’ll need to contact your court to see if this might be an option for you. 

Will a speeding ticket increase your insurance? 

Paying the fine isn’t the only cost you’ll pay with a speeding ticket—your insurance premium will also increase. In fact, your rate is likely to go up by 21% on average if you were speeding up to 15 mph over the limit. That number shoots up to 29% if you were going more than 15 mph over the speed limit. 
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In Arkansas, you will only lose your license once you’ve exceeded 13 points on your record. Even then, your license will be suspended for five business days for 14 to 17 points. The highest number of days you can lose your license is 20 days after getting 24 points on your record.
If you have definitive proof that you weren’t speeding, it might be worth fighting your ticket. However, if you lack evidence to prove your innocence and you can afford the fine, it’s easiest to pay your ticket and contact the court to ask about traffic school to reduce your record points.

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